And the **** vanished.

And thats how the **** vanished.

Our college mess was a mess. The kitchen was a mess, the cook was a bigger mess, and the food was even bigger………….mess thats when we decided to form the ‘Mess committee’ . We had to make sure that the Mess committee wouldn’t keep up with its ‘name’ and work on improving the quality of the food.

And we formulated a menu. With almost 98% non-veggies, our menu had chicken 4 days a week, fish for one day, egg and complete veg for the last two days. The mess contractor was not that happpy with the menu, but after some persuasions and bargaining he finally accepted the menu.

Day 1

The chicken curry was good, we enjoyed every bite of it. 

Month 3

The chicken tasted different, but good. 

Month 5

We got used to the new taste.

Month 8

The pieces we unnaturally large for a chicken. I couldn’t make out which part of the chicken was being served. It was not the leg, nor the breast. Seemed very very large.

Month 9 

Friend “Hey seems like we are not seeing all those stray dogs anymore”

Me ” May be they died after eating our mess food, haha”


Note: We are still not sure about what was served. But my best guess would be well you know. Anyways we did not have any health problems and it was tasty. 🙂 And thats how the dogs vanished.



  1. hahahahahaha , you dint ask the mess contractor ?

  2. Ohh my my……:O….ya true college messes are really “mess”

  3. Hahaha 🙂 reminds me of my college mess days. 😐 I can’t eat nutrella ever again…because even if someone cooks it well, it reminds me of the dish that was served in my college mess.

  4. I have heard similar stories of some restaurants. Hostel mess..aaahh…After I came back home after 4 yrs at hostel, I didnt eat chhole, rajma, parathas etc for two years. Even now I hate it when my mom makes poha on sundays! It reminds me of the terrible times spent in hostel food wise. Girls’ hostel food is worse than Boys’ hostel.

  5. 😆 ha..ha..ha..

  6. well my personal take “Dog meat is testier than Chicken.”

  7. Oh gosh! What a ‘mess’!

  8. lol 😛 now that is a good,way to control stray population 🙂

  9. a messy affair 🙂

  10. OH OH!! (eww..)

  11. dogs eh. we suspected the crows and the rats when we were in the hostel! 🙂

  12. I smell a hot dog 🙂

  13. Awwww … Tht was disgusting !! .. Totally insane ..

    I hope it turns out to be wrong !!

  14. Its called Bada Khana …. just FYI 😛 😀

  15. Dog Meat!!!!! :O
    And you liked it 😀

  16. Thats how we can fight those road accidents you know, where stray animals out of no where come and cause accidents. 🙂

  17. Holy crap! 😀
    You dog-eater!! 😀

  18. Dinu,
    No did not date to. Did not want to make my worst nightmare true !


    Yes and it got the right name!

    haha, same here I did not eat chicken for sometime.:)


    😀 haha, ppl get all kind of resistance to bad food after stayng in hostels.
    I can eat anyting and survive now.



    Yes it is!

    Well you got to give credit to the cook at hostels, he would be the best cook to make dishes out of nothing and all the creatures in this hostel.

    And thats how they named that one.

    haha, Iam sure its true.

    Seems like you had a lot of this 😀

    We never had a choice, either dogmeat or an empty stomach. I chose dogmeat.

    we got rid of the stray… Somthing for the community? huh? 😀


    haha trust me its better than the biriyani I mentioned in my previous post. 😀

  19. lollzz..
    At 11:30 in the night, i’m laughing aloud in the room.

    haha.. the way you screenplayed the post is superb.

  20. hi
    interesting , you can write part 2 hostel night without dogs

    see you later

  21. lolzzz..I think it’s the same story everywhere at hostels…
    Am a new visitor to your blog. Really liked it and have blogrolled you. Hoping for many more such compositions!

  22. jagan,
    thanks, welcome to the blog
    😀 thanks 🙂

  23. haha! and did u continue to have chicken? what happened once the dogs vanished?

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