Ban Them From Politics.


It’s sad, it was massive. But then we will fight back !


Its even more heart breaking when the politicians play the blame game to the ‘resign’ game. Now what?


I am surprised that they sit in their cozy air conditioned rooms till there is a real crisis and then leave office when the people really need them. Yes, they are accountable, but the buck shouldn’t stop there.


I am sure these guys will be getting a new seat in the next elections. May we would vote them again. My point is when there is an issue; don’t let them escape by just resigning. This would be running away from responsibility, that shouldn’t be the case.


The home minister of India said “The burden is off my shoulder”. Sir if you were a real leader or to that matter of fact an INDIAN you could have commanded your post (as the brave soldiers of this country do at the time of war/crisis) and lead us to victory and then face the nation on what went wrong.


Imagine if we are under attack at the border and the army commander decides to quit the minute the firing start???? Who is going to lead his men?


The congress or the BJP should ban these guys from contesting any more polls. That would teach them a lesson and not to resign at the time of crisis and contest polls again next year and be the CM/Home minister again !!!!!!!






  1. Yes, accountability! That’s what we need. Once people know they will be kicked out once there is any sort of disturbance in the city, they will get off their high horse and their backside and start working! If Shivraj Patil is resigning now, what’s the big deal! He would have gone in another 6 months anyway, after the national elections. I don’t know why in this country people are so communal that even ministers have to be chosen to please a state lobby! It’s ridiculous. You cannot choose a minister because he is from a particular state or because he is a chamcha! I fear a similar thing has happened with many posts. The most useless people are put into them, to keep the states happy. Similar reason why our sports is in shambles today. Why talk of sports? Isn’t it the same? Selection of important position on basis of state!!! Not capability. Now they fixed cricket, otherwise it was all on the basis of who knows who, how many players from each region (this still happens to some extent) and how senior they are….everything except merit! Now that they fixed cricket, they should fix politics. Only capable people should be appointed to the various portfolios, and the full ministry should be filled with professionals and competent people. we don’t want pansies and dandies!

  2. Bastards! The whole lot of them! And the biggest bastard, the quitter, called this a “minor incident”… I think, a major incident for him would be if his ass gets kicked in public!

  3. @Nita,
    Rightly said !!! Very true.
    There should be some educational qualification for occupying the high office, along with good experience. Any Tom Dick and harry should not occupy the sensitive and important posts.

    Okay may be the best would not be able to stop such an attack but atleast manage the crisis, instead of giving outrageous statements like “In big cities, small things happen”

    WTF !!!

  4. Guys, I read your comments. But educational qualification is last thing on the mind of our politicians. Manmohan Singh’s resume has been forwarded many times in email. But do we know what are the qualification sof Rahul Gandhi? I read in an article by Tarun Tejpal (there is book compiled of tehse articles) that says it is never made clear by Congress high comman whether Rahul finished his degree aborad? This from a youth leader, whom you desperately want to come forward and lead a party of educated youth.

    It seems it will remain an unfulfilled dream to see a educated, honest leadership at helm. 😦 maybe we need to launch a party of our own. Is that thinking too big?

  5. Nikhil,
    I agree with the ‘B’ part. I find them worthless as they just run away from their responsibility.
    Yes an educated man wouldn’t want to join the crowd of dirty politicians. But then we are partly responsible for electing them in. But then do we have a choice?
    Will the independant candidate whom we found good, would win? ever? 😦

  6. That bugger Home |Minister should ve been sacked ages ago. So are the herds of useless incarnations we call ministers squatting and snoring at work. Now some of them are offering to resign, knowing very well that the elections are round the corner and they wont sit idle for long…oh, as if they ve been hard at work all these days.

    This could well be a shot in the arm for Indian public as far as the responses to these politicians are concerned. We ve already started to see a wave of anger starting to form in Mumbai against these politico blockheads… Wish it would be a tsunami when it strikes…

  7. Notice how there was not a peep from any of these morons until yesterday when Laalo made some irrelavent comment?

    They are like rats on a sinking ship…

  8. so many things said and done!! and am really pissed off with these buggers known as politicians… God knows where are we heading! 😦

  9. I think your anger is justified.We are all angry and why shouldn’t we? These politicians donot care two hoots about the general public-all they require is votes and more votes so that they can thrive on us better! Good article-I especially liked the example of the soldiers Xylene

  10. Scorpio,
    Yes, he should have been, with all the blasts that rocked all around the country, he was still waiting for a real crisis to move, the only reason that he would have leave any way in a few months.

    These morons, bas(*@J*@&( I dont know what to say about them.

    Same here. I am more hurt with the kind of attitude these guys share.

    I know every Indian would be having a buring heart. We need politicians, but I wouldnt want some buggers up there who cares nothing about this country.

    I am ashamed !

  11. Jayalakshmi · · Reply

    Yes, Ban them from politics. Very rightly said. Hope the paties will have the moral strength at least now, to start being accountable.

  12. Can we have one politician whom we can admire?
    No matter what the world says about Bush, but the moment 9/11 happened, he ensured that all the citizens feel safe in their country. I admire him for that.

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