Even a dog would have not…..

I apologize.

A BJP leader in Mumbai made a comment saying that ‘……lipstick clad women could go around and ridicule the politicians….’ What was the point he was trying to make? That everyone turned to the streets offering condolences and protesting against the politicians is a crime or that wearing lipstick is a crime????
Shivraj PatilThe burden is off my shoulders” said this soon after he resigned. Wow, that is the simplest thing to say after running away from your responsibility. Sir, we voted you in NOT FOR THIS !

Mr Deshmukh, the Maharashtra CM “If any responsibility lies with the Chief Minister, I offered to resign”

Sir what did you think you responsibility was in the first day you joined office? To spend time at party meetings and inauguration functions?

And the most outrageous thing I heard today was from the Kerala CMNot even a dog would have visited their house” in response to Major Unnikrishnan’s family not welcoming him to their house.

I apologize to the family of Major Unnikrishnan for what the CM has said on behalf of this country.

To the Kerala CM,

Sir, It takes courage to die for the country and it takes courage to see your son’s lifeless body and feel proud of what he had done for this country.

Sir, you sit at cozy a.c rooms enjoying the backwaters or the seashore when you little realize the courage the great martyrs of this country has shown. Its because you are not worth being a citizen of this country.
What you have said is outrageous and strictly not what is expected out of person who is holding such high offices.

Please don’t show up your face anywhere anytime..


  1. I hang down my head in shame, Xylene, at this outrageous, appalling, insensitive and cruel remarks by the so-called CM of my state. 😦

    Through such words he has exhibited that he is not worth a pinch of salt to shove his ass on that throne of the Chief Minister. Moreover this is another crystal clear exhibition of his and his party’s stance towards a nationalist cause.

    He has proven categorically that he is a shame and an insult to the entire citizens of the state of Kerala, not to mention the nation. Afterall what more can you expect from a person who has never seen the footsteps of a school.

    I’ve already siad what I think of our ex- home minister Mr. Patil. Thanks for carrying the burden Sir, and we will keep in mind your services as the watchdog of our nation. Sure, elections are round the corner.

    What more to say? All these has been the epitome of culturelessness by our leaders…

  2. Scorpio,
    I was sad by the entire terrorists acts, the killings and the stories the channels are showing 24hours. And this is like cutting deep into the wound by such outrageous comments from people who occupy high offices.

    If they would have just shut up, things would been fine !

  3. Unbelievable. These people are still busy in throwing shit at each other when people are getting killed,hostaged and people are craving for safety of their lives. As expected they have not taken it seriously. What a Shame !!

  4. That was an incredibly stupid comment by the Kerala CM… utterly classless… just proves that he came there only for political mileage…

  5. The nerve of that bastard! I think its time we take matters in our own hands and do something drastic! This is getting too far..!! And that 100-year-old PM of ours can do nothing but call for peace… Disgusting! 😦

  6. I think the politicians are getting off easy by offering resignation..They should be banned from ever contesting for a post!!

  7. My GOD !!! ..

    God’ own country’s CM does not even have a courtsey and he even does nt ot know how to appreciate the efforts of martyrs .. This kerala CM should be hanged to the nearest lamp post .. Is he out of his mind while giving such hopeless and senseless statements?? ..

  8. I wish we had a choice in NOT chosing these F**King bastards… when i think of these incidents i really don’t understand what can we do?? For the first time i am really feeling helpless, hopeless! There is really no hope for us Indians 😦 😦

  9. Xylene, I share the same amount of pain. These politicians are big hypocrates. Their real colour is visible now for all. It is high time that a common man uses the power of “Vote” in a proper manner. This seem to be the time for a revolution. Our great freedom fighters have struggled and gave us such a valuable gift, and today it is in the hands of these politicians.
    Politician, ideally, is supposed to be the most respectable position. Alas!!

  10. I was shocked when I heard these remarks but you know, all politicians are the same. RR Patil said the mumbai incident is a small thing. As you said these people live in their own little ac cocoons, and surrounded by chamchas. I am sure even now these chamchas must be telling their lords that they are right. So their arrogance has no limits.

  11. We can expect these kind of words from Kerala CM again and again.

    He doesnt know what he speaks.. oh..Jesus dont forgive him..

  12. these people are sick…

  13. Hey, no need to call them “sir”-they don’t require it or deserve it either-don’t worry , all this is making the people all the more indignant. Waiting for the day when these people are ousted finally and full…

  14. I’m yet to see a comment anywhere in blogosphere trying to protect the CM. Usually there will be at least some resistance and defensive from some quarters of commie supporters pitching in to save that asshole’s face(excusez moi french!)

    But not only in Crapbook but nowhere where this topic is discussed has the CM received any defenses from the commentors. This just shows how the whole nation feels about this outrageous comment.

    The blundering blaggard…Why doesn’t someone throw a grenade and blow up that blockhead’s peanut brains?

  15. The moment Taj and Oberoi were taken, we should have thrown all the politicians inside so that they would have realized what it feels like to be in such a situation!
    Shameless animals!

  16. Dogs are better than some politicians like the cm of kerala

    India needs a peoples revolution
    (im not talking abt communist one)

    Lastly we also need a very good plan to counter the pakistans low intensity conflict strategy of bleeding india with a thousand cuts which is working rather efficiently as they can terrorise our citys at will

    i have posted on all this.

    Which means we need much better calibre politicians than those that pander to vote banks and people should remember to use their heads while voting, and that they are not vote banks

  17. Blossom, Vijay, Nikhil, Sheba,Soham, Manoj,
    Nita, Nishanth, Vishesh,Mithe,Scropio,Amit, Prax,

    All, Thanks for you comments.

    The CM has respnded with his regrets to the entire incident. I find how hard it is to say sorry when you can say such rubbish easily.

  18. ^^ yeah, but we must also take into consideration that our CM has uttered the word ‘SORRY’ for the first time in his life…!!!

    So there is a small silver lining to this whole episode..Its sore, but at least somebody has learned a lesson the hard way. 😉

    So lets settle it now..:)

    Kudos to the entire blog world who took up the issue and made the old commie vocal the regret…

  19. but as the father had said before about protocol condolance
    does the cm mean it when he says sorry ?

  20. You people made a grave mistake by trusting TimesNOW who misinterpreted CM’s remarks either knowingly or unknowingly. Please check What (Exactlly) Kerala CM said… to know the truth.

  21. shocking ….
    shocking ….. no other words 😦

  22. yes, each of us did hurt and disappoint us. I am fed up with this Congress government. The only reason you earn a cabinet post is because of your ability to grovel and butter a certain lady at helm. That’s how Shivraj Patil reached there and stayed there for so long.

    Manmohan Singh is increasingly looking like an ineffective puppet. I wonder why thelady didnt be a PM herself. What was the point of such puppet governance?

    Sad thing is there is no worthwhile oppositiona round either. 😦

  23. We as citizens get punished for expressing our thought… which is our RIGHT. Why dont these politicians ever face the LAW.

    I strongly beleive, we need to re-write our constitution and re-frame law to make more sense for OUR NATION.

    I am proud of My Country… But am ashamed of the ones who run it.

  24. Again Antulay is suffering from foot in mouth disease. Why don’t these politicians just shut up?

  25. Q: Haven’t Sandeep’s father told you before that not even a dog should enter my house. Why did you go then?”

    CM: Had it not been Sandeep’s house, not even a dog would have glanced in. Sandeeps family, Sandeeps father, Sandeeps mother, Sandeeps family members, the attachment we have for them… that is very special, right? A soldiers father should have understood those?

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