‘Call In’ Rama Sena


Yesterday in Channel 9 (which is a Bangalore based English news channel) was featuring a call-in program where the viewers could ask questions to a gentleman from Sri Ramasena.


Caller #1 “Why are you saying that we should not celebrate Valentines Day?”

Gentleman “Why do you want to celebrate love on only one day? Why can’t you celebrate 365 days?”

Caller #1 “Why do we then sir celebrate Independence Day on one day?”

Gentleman visibly pissed off! “What are you taaking man, that is what we are say ,  we need to celebrate all day. Why are we celebrating one day?”

Caller #1 verbally confused hangs up.


Caller #2 “Sir, what is your definition of Indian culture”

Gentleman “Respecting Indian culture is Indian culture. Not pub culture. Indian culture is respect”

Caller #2 “Okay, so do you think beating up girls is Indian culture?”

Gentleman “What are you talking? We apolized ! WE APOLIZED ! So what are you saying madam. What you saying? WHAT DO YOU THINK?”

Caller #2 “You say you are a social worker, don’t you think there are much more important issues to handle than silly issues like Valentines Day?”

Gentleman “We are helping people, the other day a man took a girl and stayed for 2 months. Our sevaks married that girl after wards. We are doing social work!”

Caller #2 did not have words, I can’t blame her.



Caller #3 an elderly gentleman in his 50’s “Who do you think you are to control our girls?. WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT?? …….”

Gentleman from sena “ WHO DO YOU THINK ….”

Caller #3 “WHO DO ….”

Gentleman “MIND YOUR LANG….”

And it went on and on.


I guess this program was recorded as the phone number to call them was not displayed on the screen.

If I had a chance I would have called them and my conversation would go like this.


Me “Hi I am from Bangalore, I have a question”

Gentleman from sena “Go ahead ask me”

Me “Not for you sir, for the channel and the producers of this show”

Gentleman “??”

Me “ Why do you want to air something of this irrelevance and put a man who claims himself as the moral god on the show who talk nothing to talk but bullshit?”

Gentleman “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU……………”






Note: The typos in this post was intentional. 





  1. Ha ha ha the Ram Sena got punked’ 🙂 brilliant is this recoded on youTube?

  2. ya is this there in youtube?

  3. Is this conversation for real? No logic, just pure nonsense. Though should not expect sensible words out of such people!

  4. He had come to our office as well, had a heated up discussion where he blurted all kind of stupid things =D Of course most of it wasn’t published because they weren’t worth the publicity!

  5. LOL 😀 i would have loved to call and give him a piece of my mind.

  6. Chirag,Vishesh,
    No I did not check yet. If I get it will post that as well, but thats like more publicity for him.
    Its for real !!!!! the last one is not !
    Good that you guys did not give him the publicity.
    😀 same here !!!! And everyone in Bangalore was doing it !!

  7. Another media made show ha ? Sad indeed !!

  8. The last bit is what should have happened!! 😛

  9. haha…so typical of these guys…when they dont have an answer theyll do some mundane repetitive tlk to confuse the viewers….do such shows give unnecessary publicity to these ppl or do they help by exposing their stupidity??

  10. Just some trp for the channel. They really don’t care what kind of an animal that guy is.

  11. Hahahaha!!! Last one was GOLD!! 😀
    Fuckin bastards deserve more than public humiliation! 😀

  12. These lunatics deserve to be ‘PINKED’.

  13. Why is it that these people with their narrow minded agenda still roam the streets? Shouldn’t this idiot be in jail rather than on a show?

  14. good one 😀

  15. I want to know, which dumb ass company agreed to sponsor this show!!

  16. Both the lovely channel and the lovely gentleman are.. ahem… mad…

  17. Blue mist,
    yes. I dont know what for. Blame me for watching it.

    😀 I wish I could I have called.

    Both I guess and waste our time in the process.

    yes. I hope they close down these channels.

    Yes. and they got in plenty with all the chaddis.
    THe funny part is, they are not sure what to do with it. First they wanted to donate it to charity.
    Then they wanted to send it back.
    Now they want to burn it.

    😀 true.
    Dinu, thanks to the sena.

    there was a spnonsor? I dont know.

  18. In my opinion
    Avoid them.
    Switch off the TV
    Stop supporting sponsorer’s . product.
    These pinks deserve this treatment.

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