I Obey You Thy Indicom

My wife bought a new samsung cdma phone from a tataindicom store for her mother. Her mother has been using the same old Haier phone for the past 3 years. To our surprise the old sim did not work in the new cdma phone. The tata indicom executive was however not surprised.
“You have to get the MIN programmed at the nearest samsung service centre” He said.
I just bought a new phone and I have to go straight to the service centre.
And to add to the surprise (ours) the new sim that came along with the phone did not work with the old phone either.
So its like either we have to use the new connection (SIM) with the new phone or get it fixed.
“Its your choice” whispered TATA indicom in my ears.

I remember around 2 years back I used a tataindicom connection which had no sim, and when I approached a service centre to buy a new phone, they turned me down by saying that I should probably get a new connection as all the phones now come with SIM.
And now they have changed the SIM #1 to SIM #2. (I am not sure if they have SIM #1.1 and so on in b.w).

One more thing that really piss me off is the call they give me to my wife’s tataindicom cell (which is in my name by the way and I pay the bill as well 🙂 ).
“Sir we have new offers” Voice
“Wow, what is it?” Me
“Buy a new tata indicom connection and get 1000 minutes free” Voice
“But I have a connection already, why would I NEED a new connection?” Me
“err, buy a new connection and get 1000 minutes free” Voice
“Are you out of your mind?. Shouldn’t you be calling me, if you have offers for the same connection I am CURRENTLY USING???” Me

But they atleast acknowledge that I am a tataindicom customer. I use a vodafone cell, read this one :
Me “Hello”
Voice “Sir, I am calling from vodafone, Do you have a prepaid or postpaid connection?”
Me : “Where did you say you are calling from?”
Voice : “Vodafone sir”
Me : “Then you should be telling me”
Voice : “err” Click.

Back to tataindicom.
 6 new phones & 4 different service providers later, for the first time in my life, I took my latest samsung phone directly to a service centre !!!!!!!!

I guess tataindicom always expect the customer to buy new connections and get rid of your old number, mobile, sim, the guarantee card and other crap that comes along with it etc etc to thrash. As a customer I would rather throw all that away and get a new connection from………Vo…..Air………….Reli……..Spi……Ide………..

oops, I will just do what ever you say sir.



  1. Why do i feel a “deja vu” ? 😆 All the best for the future connections!! 🙂

  2. They have targets and deadlines to meet. One of their execs had also advised me to convert my Post-paid into pre-paid and then again to post paid, since he will meet his targets that way.

    Pre-paid converted into Post-paid is a new connection. While a post-paid converted in to a pre-paid is like a connection terminated.

    But they have unrealistic targets that they have to meet by hook or by crook.

  3. My dad also asks the Airtel people when they call and ask – do u have a postpaid or pre paid connection?
    WTH!! They should be knowing it from their database!

  4. It is ridiculous how bad their marketing has gotten!

    Its like there is a whole bunch of idiots (officially, someone with an IQ less than 25) out there running these marketing programs.

  5. I think you should buy a “normal” connection which comes with a sim and that’s it. Tata Indicom has this rotation every few months and customers suffer. I think Vodofone is much better.

  6. “Do you have a prepaid or postpaid connection?”
    They really asked you that? My god call centres are going to the dogs!

  7. You have a way of putting it that its funny! Overall though these are marketing gimmicks which are very very irritating. Its like they sell something but there is always the fine print. I think all these marketers do it. Money is their mantra and as for service, in India thats difficult to come by. I bought a brand new machine and they took my old one in exchange but the guy didn’t come and start the new one for 2 days!! Useless people.

  8. sakhi,
    Oh they do that? I know an executive who asked my cousin who is still in college to open an account. The executive gave him Rs 1000 as well. 🙂 for the minimum balance.

    No, its cdma. Tata has only cdma. To add to the confusion Reliance has started gsm.

    haha, so am not alone.

    lol, I doubt that. I think they think that we have an IQ less than 25.

    Yes, I am not sure why.

    Thanks 🙂 Once you have paid them, they dont care anymore.
    Now I try to keep the payment at the delivery time. That would make things faster.

  9. i always wondered where all the anger gets channelled to :)haven read ur blog in a long time…

  10. jai ho !! lol … each and every mobile service provider in India, is more or less similar to this, when you look at the qulity of service ..

  11. Goodness… It’s the same story with all these stupid service providers… What a bunch of jerks… 😀

  12. I m using tata indicom broadband services and its really worst service provider….
    it always took 30-40mins to connect..after a whole long month their executive found that they put wrong static ip in my system and thatswhy its trying to connect to farthest tower instead of local one.
    I only know how i tolerated this excuse.
    BTW came here through arvind’s blog…
    you have maintained a nice blog…will definitely come again 🙂

  13. j 🙂
    Dinu, 😀 lol true.

    Nikhil, Yes, but then we dont much of choice do we?
    WElcome to the real world.

  14. I could never take to cdma connections. Best of luck with yours. 🙂

  15. Question is, why TataIndicom? I took their Photon+ and now am stuck with it. Thought I will use while travelling, But signal goes off once you cross any city limits. 3000 bucks wasted!

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