Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday Jesus rode the donkey into Jerusalem and the crowd gathered around him, praising him and laying flowers and leaves on the road.

The disciples worshiped him and sang ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father, David.’  


(No I am not going to talk about Palm Sunday or the Biblical details).

Back to the story:

So the donkey thought that it was all for him. ‘Well I was just a donkey few minutes ago, now they are praising me and laying flowers on my path’. He thought.

His pride grew its roots in.


This is how many of our ‘God Men’ and priests think. They think the flocks respect them and praise them. They forget the detailed part where they are actually the messengers of God and people respect them for the God’s name they are carrying.


They are like the donkey.



  1. very true !!

    and they have started deciding whom we should vote for … that’s pretty awesome. .. another reason to go away from these guys …

  2. There is no need of the middleman!!

  3. Dinu,
    Yes, I wonder who need them.

    True, let them be around. But please dont bother us in each and everything.

  4. I is the donkey you mean?


  5. True!
    Theses stupid middlemen create real havoc in most families!

  6. Ok! I understand when they try to tell us what God wants out of us, but it goes completely over my head when they start telling us about what to do with a condom!!

  7. @Amit, yes the condom is supposed to go over your head. hehehe 😛

    @Xylene, very nicely put. 🙂 The whole organised religion is a joke. If you get any emails from religious people, all the best!

  8. Well… why didn’t jesus ride a Harley Davidson???!!!

    yeah I know these *middlemen are crazy…. They just want publicity!!

  9. Every donkey has his sunday ?

  10. Hmmm… Ass-tounding! 😀

  11. but the power and wealth religious institutions have is mostly given to them by the stupid blind public who encourage this. and its unlikely govts would grow a conscience or introduce measures to check the revenue earned in the name of faith and charity, as they are source of power and ideology for political parties and minority votes. what people can do, is to simply ignore power hungry god men, ridcule them, expose them and hopefully take away some of their self proclaimed godliness.

  12. cynisticmorality · · Reply

    Completely agree Mr Xylene. Just the other night I was watching Mr George Carlin say a few things in his stand up comedy on religion. Pretty sweet i must say. None the less the bottom line is that religion on the whole is probably a joke. I, for one, choose to be agnostic


  13. Vishesh,
    Not sure, who the donkey? 😀

    True. We don’t need no middle men.

    True. They interfere in almost everything.

    The middle men are indeed !!!

    Some of them are middlemen.

    I knew you would say that.

    True, the other day a religious leader was on tv proving his point by saying “people come to us, when they are in need, so why cant we tell them whom to vote.?”


    people make a joke out of the religion !
    Sorry for the late reply folks

  14. Incognito · · Reply

    We too think ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘we’…

    What are we ?

  15. thanks

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