I tried everything (not) to go to the gym. For me, the gym was where people get tortured.

“Get me a Nike shorts and I will go jogging” I said.

“Whats wrong with the shorts you have now” Wife

“I need branded ones” Me.

“No one would be watching early morning, there would be hardly anyone around” Wife.

“Early Morning? I should get up early morning?” Me

And it went on. Finally I found a new nike shorts resting on the couch.  “For you” the note read.

With no excuses left I got up early the next day after snoozing the alarm dozen times (5 min interval) for running. It was 7AM in the morning. The air was fresh, the sky was waking up, and there was an empty road. I ran for 200 meters and was tired already. I walked another 200 meters and realized that if I go on, I goto to walk back all the way home. I jogged back home and took rest for an hour. 

“Not bad” I thought. Exercising  is cool. 

Next day. After snoozing the alarm a dozen times I got myself up for the ‘run’. The air was fresh and I was not alone. After 50 ms there were 4 dogs with me. Then there were 10. And the faster I ran, the faster they were following.

There was no way out, other than to run as fast as I could and reach home.

I escaped unhurt. I guess, they were just interested in this new fellow in their block with blue shorts and a green ipod clipped oh his t-shirt. They were having some fun.

And that was the end of the routine run (you can call it a routine after consistently doing the same thing more than once).

The wife did not allow me to sleep through the snooze sessions after a week. ‘Go to the apartment gym’ she said.

“You dont have to worry about the dogs, or your shorts”

“Why dont you go?” I challenged her.

And she did.

I got my ‘ego’ right and paid a visit to the gym, stood on the thread mill for the first time in my life. The machine roared and moved. I walked. I ran.

It a routine for me now. I learned that you can think of your work and you would run faster. You think of your manager and you would run even faster. Great way to lose stress.

I go to the gym now. Its a miracle ! 🙂


  1. LOL good for you. But hey as far as dogs go, all you need to do is carry a few biscuits and feed them once in a while. They will soon turn into personal body guards

    1. Yeah my colleague does that. He gives the remaining biscuits to us.

  2. good for u!

  3. Even I have h=this problem. Mood swings. There are times when I am very dedicated and then suddenly – nothing. Just like that.

    Good. Now you have inspired me!

    1. thats great. remember just think of all the troubles.

  4. “you can think of your work and you would run faster. You think of your manager and you would run even faster” hehe..i do that when i have to cycle to makes you forget the tiring part..

    1. yeah. thats great. Its very relaxing.

  5. So back to full time blogging?
    hope your sweet li’l one is fine…:)

    Let us know how the 6/8 packs are comin on.. dont call it quits, lets see how much grit the new daddy holds! 😉

    1. hehe 6 packs. I tell my wife, I am not there for the packs, but to be fit. 🙂

      packs , I wish 😉

  6. congrats xylene on the gyming! And nice to know whats going on in your life! 🙂

    1. hey thanks Nita. 🙂

  7. Haha! Try thinking of dogs chewing on your Nike shorts and maybe you’ll run EVEN faster! 😛

    1. I safe at the gym. 🙂

  8. lol 😀

    It is good to fall into a routine 🙂

  9. Good luck with the exercise…I have started walking (supposed to be jogging)..started slowly but you get used to it..

    1. 😀 Thanks. I guess I am already in the routine.

  10. cool dude..nice to read…..

    think the dogs will be sad, missing ur ipod and nike shorts.

  11. hahah cool ! good luck :d
    I used to go to gym to put on weight, tried twice, but I had to relocate, during that time, and the gym plan was canceled. 😀

  12. Nedfrine · · Reply

    Et tu, Brute!
    You were my inspiration! (for not going to the GYM) 🙂

  13. now that remind me to stop snoozing the alarm 😉

    Its been about 6 months since i have done even a bit of exercise!! Ah… yeh lazy lazy lamhe…!! 🙂

  14. Hehehe! Branded shorts, eh… 😀

  15. Awesome blog you have here. Blogrolling you…

  16. Inspiration! Nw I’m inspired to wake up. 😀

  17. wow.. somebody’s now a gympanzee!!!

  18. :)) I thought the wild chasing dogs would provide you with the inspiration and motivation to run even faster

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