The Garib Rath & News

The garib rath is supposed to be the ‘Poor Man’s Chariot’ .  Its the ‘Lalu way’ of giving the poor a chance to enjoy benefits that the upper class of the society enjoy. I liked the concept, this also meant lower AC fares.

I once boarded a green colored Garib Rath from Kerala- Yeswatpur (Near Bangalore City). The 3AC interiors to my suprise was a lot cleaner and fresh than the 2Ac compartments of most trains. And to add to my surprise I have to pay for the blanket. Rs 25/Blanket,which obviously have to be returned back.

Nevertheless, the ticket was cheap and I get all the benefits of the 3AC travel.

Now you would have realized that I don’t have anything interesting to write.

Let’s analyze the news

MJ’s kids are his” says MJ’s dermetologist : Well can’t these guys leave the kids alone? Their granddad is busy selling them for tours and the media is busy finding their real dad. !!

The longest and the last solor eclipse for this century is over : And I din’t wake up on time to watch it. The astrologers say that the outcome of the eclipse would be total doom. India would be at war. The recession would continue.  Financial situation will worsen.

hmm all that analysis with a solar eclipse, I guess the analysts at Moody’s and can retire.

40th Anniversery  of Moon Landing : Forty years back the Apollo team landed on the moon and Armstrong took the giant leap. With all the consipiracy theories around, which says that the film was shot at a Hollywood studio and noone actually landed on the moon, I guess it was one of the most remarkable human achievement. (Watch Apollo 13 Movie starring Tom hanks,which features the third attempt from Nasa to land on Moon)

Rakhi will definitely marry on Aug 2 Thats good news, finally we can get rid of her from TV.



  1. its been so long since I went in a train..

    1. Take a trip, go visit places !

  2. Best news and good analysis: “Rakhi will definitely marry on Aug 2 Thats good news, finally we can get rid of her from TV.” :mrgreen:

    1. I am tired of HT, Times Now and other news channels featuring only her !

  3. Rs 25 for a blanket!!?? You kiddin me right? :O

    1. Yes apparently in garib rath since the fare is less, they dont provide free blanket. They would give you a bill for Rs 25/- when you request a blanket !

  4. Anything in the outer space which moves seems to control our destinies.. Gosh..!

    1. Yes and control the financial situation as well.

  5. Atleast u got a blanket. my relatives didnt get any. And I think they werent even asked to pay.

  6. “Rakhi will definitely marry on Aug 2 Thats good news, finally we can get rid of her from TV.”


  7. I don’t remember when was the last time I travelled in a train(In India). Hmmm….must be a while ago. 🙂
    I think it is always better to carry your own blankets.
    And I am damn sure Rakhi is not going to get married. Believe me.

  8. Hehe…that bit on Rakhi was hilarious! But she won’t!!

    And Rs 25 for a blanket??? seriously??

  9. Well, the Garib Rath has this problem – the side berths have been increased to three. That may be fine for sleeping by night, but where does the person sit by day? Simple “lalu’ type solution – One of the berths is now to seat four by day not three. Add to that there is no extra luggage space. So this sucks unless you carry only a single bag or haversack.

    The best thing about Garib Raths IMHO isthat they are dedicated trains for places which did not have dedicated links before. E.g. no Pune-Nagpur train till Garib Rath came along!

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