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One thing I would like to tell the media (Headlines Today) is that SRK’s opinion wouldn’t be the Nations collective opinion. Taking a poll “Should America apologize/Should India respond etc” to the incident (for 100 people, I assume) is not going to give you a collective opinion. I would say that if a nation in this case USA wants to implement their protocol to each and every person who lands in their airport. I guess they should. HT also ran a story about Bob Dylan being detained and the ticker read “Whats with America” I can tell you what’s with them. They are strictly following the guidelines, unlike many here. 9/11 would have happened years back, but they still follow the same security checks. When Mumbai attacks happened the techpark I work with started newer stringent security checks, they used to check the car boot, ask every occupant in the car to display their id card etc. Gradually (after 20 days) the security was lightened, even those with just a ribbon around their neck was allowed to walk in. I guess we should learn something from the Americans. Firstly everyone should be treated equally. No place for VIP treatments. Secondly just because you are a VIP in another country doesnt mean that you won’t have a BOMB with you. Like Osama Bin Laden might be a celebrity in his area, but you can’t give him VIP treatment at Mumbai airport. Okay let me make that simpler, Tom Cruise may be a celebrity in the USA(here as well), but that doesn’t mean that he should not be frisked at the airport. Thirdly, lets accept it, 9/11 happened years back, did another terrorist attack happen in their soil? Is it because of their strict guidelines and the police following it? Well yes. Lets be patient, lets follow the rules of the country that we are in. If you are so bothered, and its not happening to you for the first time, why do you want to go there again and again.

There is one more article I would like to share This is on how the swine flu scare was created among the upper class. Today’s TOI had a front page article on Road Accidents “India Tops World road deaths” 13 die every hour due to accidents. Timely I believe.  Now you have more things to be scared off!!!



  1. Well said man.. SRK is no God, he is just an actor in Hindi movies who does a pretty BAD job at it. If he is so humiliated about all this and feels to beat his cheat about his ‘stature’, then I suggest him not to visit USA again. How about it? 😉

    These media guys need to get a break as well. Man, they such, big time. Less said the better. allowing such silly matters to take control of the Independence Day! Suckers…

    1. 🙂
      HT is the worst of all this.

    1. I am sure all of us would. I wonder who participated in that poll? may be HT team alone.

  2. Well said! It was just a routine checkup!!
    Abdul Kalam was frisked on April 24th by an American airline.

    But according to reports our ex-president was “very cooperative” and “he happily underwent the entire process”. Gentleman behaviour.

    Great Mr Shahrukh and other celebrities should realize that they are not exempted from any security checks.

  3. “I am sure all of us would. I wonder who participated in that poll? may be HT team alone.” 😆

    I agree with you too! 🙂

    1. Thanks Sakhi. 🙂

  4. The thing is, people worship stars so much they think it is sacrilege to even contemplate frisking them, or subjecting them to the discomfort of having to bear the indignity of being suspected of carrying bombs or drugs. And that jab at the Mumbai situation is totally expected of the indigenous chalta hai culture, not to mention the instant poll-taking phenomenon indulged in by the news channels. The poll thing is just peer pressure, every other channel does it so we gotta do it too is what those channels are probably thinking. Nice post, btw, short and crisp. Very readable.

    1. Thanks. Now CNN IBN has come up with a poll which says that Indians are over reacting. One netizen wrote, “Indians are not over reacting, but media is”
      I can’t agree more !

  5. 🙂 its sometimes strange how we display patriotism when it suits ourselves. sadly, i think VIP treatment is a politician driven culture that now seeps into every aspect of society. had written something sometime back :

    1. 🙂 Yeah, I mean for us we need to be treated different. We are unable to stand in a queue patiently.
      I think its more of patience. SRK is so used to the God like status that he couldn’t wait for 2 hours for security clear. Its not like he was jailed for a day !!!!

  6. I think you missed a point here xylene. Wasn’t SRK upset on the fact that he was detained because of his last name? I don’t think he or anybody has qualms with the security procedures. Security procedures is not the issue here but the way generally a brown skin person is treated in the west and having an islamic name is like icing on the cake.

    1. I think he just overreacted on that. He said that “I told them, I am a movie star and they said my name showed on their computer”.

      I heard someone one the news who said that his friend who was a hindu was also subjected to extra security check. So its not like they detain you because of your last name.

      I respect the policeman/woman who went the extra mile to double check and not letting their country at risk for any reason whatsoever!

  7. attributing racism or discrimination for every incident of personal inconvenience from a security measure or others is irresponsible. especially if he/she is a national icon or celebrity. if there are genuine deviations from the norms or cases of discrimination yes… do protest… but not in case of a standard procedure followed in a foreign country.

    most US airports are mandated to follow the same for anyone considered suspect. unfortunately since 9/11 security agencies by default verify muslim names or names similar to list of suspected terrorists. and how can you expect everyone in the world to recognize SRK? perhaps the incident was more of an Indian media created buzz than SRK intended it to be.

  8. I agree with u totally. rules r same for everyone. Laxity is the reason behind so much crime in India.

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