Reader’s or ‘No Readers’ Digest

Reader’s Digest was one of the best magazines.  The news shocked me. This magazine was an inspiration to many of my generation and my previous generation and the generation before that (considering the number of books my dad and granddad had with them). We had(have) a collection of Reader’s digest magazines from 1980s to 2000. Around 250 books of the greatest magazines ever was packed in my house and also in the attic(some half eaten by termites).

The magazine was a true inspiration to me during my school days with inspiring stories (mostly American), made you laugh (with Laughter the best medicine, Humor in Uniform, All in a day’s work), thrilling with ‘Drama in Real life’ . I used to browse through old ones from my dad’s collection all the time.

Now, the Indianized version of the Reader’s digest which started from 2000 was relatively dull. They featured Bollywood film star interviews(I could read  Film fare for that) and dull jokes. During the 00’s I lost interest in the magazine. It was not worth reading anymore.

Anyways the Indian version of the Reader’s digest is still doing good(I believe), but with the American one filing for bankruptcy and the loyal readers(like me) who are losing interest and with the print reader population decreasing at a faster pace with the advance of the online media I guess it wouldn’t be around for long.



  1. readers digest is going bankrupt not because of failing readership but because of leveraged buyout… the new management had taken more loan then they can service

    1. Yes, I was not concerned about the bankruptcy. Its losing readers world wide anyway. I wouldn’t miss even a single copy of RD. but then now the excitement is lost.

  2. I used to read only the jokes section, my favourite being humour in uniform.. though there was a huge rack of readers digests at home I read it first when I went to a dentist. I had to wait for long, I was bored and the only thing around to read was Readers Digest =) I haven’t read it for years now.. let’s see the last time I read it again I was at a dentist =/ Hmmm… So what’s with dentists and readers digest?

    1. lol. 🙂 Beware of dentist who have novels on their book shelf ! That would give an idea on how much time you need to wait !

  3. OMG!!! RD is bankrupt?? 😦

    1. Yes. Anyways its not because of the readership decline as Ankur pointed out. But still I am sure many are losing interest.

  4. I didn’t know this. RD was one of my favs too, but over a decade ago. It became too boring after that. I guess a mag has to keep up with the times or it will die. RD’s time has come. In fact I am surprised it survived so long.

    1. True. I guess people lost interest once it was Indianized !

  5. I didnt know this 😦 i am still a fan of reader’s digest and it has some great inspiring stories (of course apart from those bollywood actors interviews which i hate). But real life heros and book sections still remains my fav. not to mention the humours section.

    I am really sad to hear about bankruptcy!! 😦

    1. Yes. I still read the old ones. It has some very touching stories to tell.

  6. Hey there ! Well this was a shocker for me as well… RD and bankrupt ? Umm about the India version.. I get it every month and call it bias or whatever I still admire it any day over any ‘filmfare’ or ‘vogue’ !!!

    I love RD ! 🙂 Also good to know that there still people in my generation who are rooted to RD !

    1. Indeed. I loved it as well. Now I just read the old ones.

  7. Filing for bankruptcy does not mean closure..its something that companies do while restructuring as it gives them protection from creditors…

    1. thats true. My point was on the readership base that they are losing. It was one of my favorite magazine. Not any more.

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