Mobile Number Portability.

What is it? Once this becomes active, we could dump our existing service provider and switch to another one by paying a nominal fee. And the best part is that you can use the same number. So no more sending messages to all friends/relatives/consultants etc. (  link link)

Now, the service provider would have to keep the pace with the market to keep their subscribers. With new plans introduced by companies, the stubborn ones(read vodafone) would have to kick their age old plans and introduce new ones.

I have a corporate connection with vodafone with STD charged at Re 1. Airtel gives the same plan for STD at 75ps. I approached the corporate relations to find out why the vodafone users do not have this facility, I got a reply saying that they do have such a plan, but I am not eligible for the same.  There was no reason provided. It just said that I am not eligible. May be I should blame my ‘second name’  for it or just move to a different service provider.


Once the mobile number portability is introduced, I guess I would be soon moving to a cheaper provider.

Now the dog, the small kid and the zoozoos would have to convince me to stay with them.


  1. Yeah have heard of this… waiting 🙂

    My cmpany changed from vodafone to airtel for this reason… but the service of airtel is really poor and less is said about its coverage the better. I miss vodafone too much!

    1. airtel landline and broadband seems to be good. I did not have a single downtime every since I started using it (1 year)

  2. Airtel is deteriorating in terms of signal reception, coverage area and customer service .. Vodafone might be expensive but it still rules the telecom industry ..

    After all, when you want the best, you dont ask for a price ..

    1. Docomo is here with even cheaper rates. But somehow tata’s coverage is also poor.

  3. This change is indeed welcome.In the US they follow a numering scheme independant of the Provider which is tied to a geographical area. We can also switch providers and keep the no by paying a small fee provided we are living in the same place. We can switch from mobile phones to land line or the other way.

    1. This would be better than that because I can move states and keep the same number.
      Soon they would be taking std out of picture. there would be one rate to talk across india.

  4. I find Airtel the best.

    1. I have not used their mobile service. But the broadband is good !

  5. Will a zoozoo making a puppy face and the kid talking in zoozoo lingo convince you? =P

    1. 🙂 Where are the zoozoos now anyway?

  6. Ya I have airtel…be careful, they have the habit of sending long mobile bills 🙂

    1. You make loong distance calls? 🙂

  7. I really dont understand how this facility has still not arrived in India.. i used to use this 5 years back in Aussie land. But i think in India we do not ask for things.. and we are so ‘santhust’ that we just dont ask for more but we always want more..

    i have been using airtel lately but also used vodafone.. i think airtel is better. It’s probably got to do with the network i am in …

    1. Well even though the features we are offered are not the best, still India has the cheapest rates in the world.
      Airtel is better.

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