Monthly Archives: September 2009

Should Hindi Be Imposed?

The Human resource development minister Kapil Sibal announced new reforms to impose Hindi as a subject in all schools. NDTV, ‘We the people’ also had a debate on this announcement. Do I agree to this? Well learning a language should not be imposed. Back in my school years we had the option of choosing the […]

News Snips

The Jet Airways Chairman said that pilot strike was unwarranted and it was causing huge impact on the common people. Wait a min, you are thinking about common people, how about your plan to strike to get government sops last month? Shashi Taroor was on the news for the wrong reason again. First he was […]

Road Humps/Speed Bumps.

Okay, it may seem like a usual thing that you ‘bump’ into when you travel on road. But too many is too much ! The road (15 km route)┬áthat I take everyday in Bangalore to and from office has around 50-60 humps. I am thrown around 50*2=100 times every single day. Searching for humps on […]