Road Humps/Speed Bumps.

Okay, it may seem like a usual thing that you ‘bump’ into when you travel on road. But too many is too much !

The road (15 km route) that I take everyday in Bangalore to and from office has around 50-60 humps. I am thrown around 50*2=100 times every single day. Searching for humps on the internet I found that there is a group which actually discuss the pros and cons about it.

I guess the reason why we have so many humps in Bangalore would be to discipline the drivers who drive too fast/do not stop at signal(so a hump at every signal would atleast slow them down !!! ) .

The road humps at the signals slow down the traffic, also the humps in Bangalore are too high that you need to stop your vehicle(if it’s a car) and maneuver it very slowly so that you don’t scratch the bottom of the car.  The humps are also reason for many traffic accidents involving two wheelers as many humps are not marked and there are no signs warning of a road hump.

This also reminded me of a highway stretch in Kerala which was constructed by a Malaysian company. The stretch had warning signs 100mts before a road hump and the humps were properly marked, helping drivers during night drives.

I wonder why we have so many humps in Bangalore, aren’t there any other alternatives to control/discipline traffic int the city?


  1. Bangalore may probably have the most no of these humps in a given distance of road in any Indian city. Perhaps it may have its pros and cons but if it serves its purpose then let it be! ;p

    Of late Mangalore has also chosen to move the ‘hump’ way, it seems. All the new concretized roads have bumps built into them just to check the road-rash dudes.

    1. Yeah, but it also causes more accidents and slow down the traffic at major signals.

  2. We have them in Mysore too…

    1. Nice. karnataka seems to lead in numbers.

  3. Maybe these are there to keep people entertained.

    People caught up in the long commutes will have hardly any time or energy to go to an adventure trip/theme park. So why not integrate it all into one action packed experience?

    BTW, i dont think this is limited to Bangalore. Delhi has lots of humps and bumps, of different shapes and sizes.

    1. Shapes and sizes vary here as well, there are large ones meant for trucks I believe, its very huge and dangerous !

  4. thank fully Chennai doesn’t have that many humps.. 😛

    1. Yes. I have stayed/travelled/lived in chennai. The traffic is more disciplined there as well.

  5. humps? we call them bumpers over here.

    1. Road humps would be American English and Speed bumps is British !
      The young in Bangalore are American influenced and the old British !

  6. hmm, I remember the one back there in Kerala, near my place, if your r travelling in cars like Maruti 800, you are screwed, the height of the hump is that much … and then had to do something about it later, spending extra time effort and money .. stupid people

    I should start worrying about humps here in bangalore after I bring my bike here ..

    1. The only thing you goto worry if you are riding a bike is to be careful when you jump a hump. It would always be bigger than you think.
      Drive safe.

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