News Snips

The Jet Airways Chairman said that pilot strike was unwarranted and it was causing huge impact on the common people. Wait a min, you are thinking about common people, how about your plan to strike to get government sops last month?

Shashi Taroor was on the news for the wrong reason again. First he was on the news for holding his hand on his chest when the national anthem was played. Now for staying at a 5 star hotel. The minister replied to the news saying that Kerala house did not offer gym and privacy, he also added that he was spending his own money. Now the question is if he is spending his own money let him stay any where he want, why does the media care? If we think of the amount of money spent on refurnishing and redecorating those ministerial bungalows (crores are spent by the state and central government on this) each time the goverment changes, I guess it would be much cheaper to let them stay at the 5 star hotel, spending tax payers money.

NDTV had a huge debate on this and people were arguing about on why the president spent crores on entertainment and hospitality bill at the Rastrapati Bhavan(around 130 crores)… hmm. Some ministers went ahead and started displaying their economy class tickets on television to prove their generosity.

If you could show your return tickets as well……..



  1. I don’t understand why the media bother to scrutinize how people spend their hard earned money. Tharoor didn’t steal even a penny from us and if he wanted to stay in the Hotel then let him.

    Now the common man is going to bear the burden of these ministers staying in the State facilities. What can one say!?

    1. There is nothing one can do about it. After all they decide on their perks. 🙂 Its one job where you decide your perks and salary.
      Imagine yourself working in an org and you get together with the managers and say “lets take a 30% hike this year” 😉

  2. The attitude is atrocious!! 🙂

    1. Lets hope they continue this.

  3. Well the media at times seems extremely jobless…

  4. That’s their job.

  5. Shashi tharoor is the right man on the wrong place 😉

    1. Very true ! 🙂

  6. Trying to make a spectacle out of Mr Tharoor is just exposes the deep level of ignorance in the political parties and the system. Oh well good for Mr. Tharoor, coz through all of this he has most certainly gained a whole lot more virtual follower. Now I’m off to follow him on twitter!!!

  7. that’s weirs speaking Hindi won’t unite any body..the terrorists here also spoke hindi.

    By the everyone should learn’s the mother of all indian languages 🙂

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