The Lift

The lift has many usages. The first thing that comes to our mind would be the lift as in elevator.

I would talk about something else, the uncommon thing in India, ‘requesting for a lift (ride)”. The busstop is around a kilometer and half from my apartment, with no auto stand in sight (and because I have vowed not to take an auto because of all the bad experiences I had with those folks.) gives me two options. Either to walk all the way or to request for a ride.

In India we stop a bus by extending our hands out and waving in a wild gesture or stand in front of it hoping that the driver would stop.  Since we don’ t have the concept of holding your hand out with fingers closed and thumb extended or the ‘hitchhiker’s thumb all I would do is to shout “bus stop” when the biker would slow down and nod his head (the ‘NO’ nod) and ride off !

But there are a few who would stop and give me a ride to the bus stop.

The wiki has a lot of insight on hitchhiking.

Hitchhiking is a historically common practice worldwide, and hence there are very few places in the world where laws exist to restrict it. However, a minority of countries have laws that restrict hitchhiking at certain locations. In the United States, for example, some local governments have laws to outlaw hitchhiking, with safety being the primary concern – Wikipedia

Have you tried the hitchhiker’s thumb in India?


  1. When you said hitchhiking with thumb, the first thing that came to my mind was “bollywood actress, with her skirt drawn a bit ( 😉 ) up and holding her thumb for the “lift” ”

    can’t help it yaar! 🙂

    1. LOL same here =D

  2. I thought you were again going on about elevators.. hahaaa, the lift!

    I used to hitchhike many times on way back from school, and even now I dont mind giving the odd lift if I’m the lone driver. 🙂

  3. never had the chance

  4. in the city several times, but never on the highways

  5. Xylene, when we used to stay in Delhi we used to do it. Then some murders took place. We (me and my pals) got such a fright that we never did it anywhere, every again!!

  6. Balu, Sakhi, 🙂 lol

    Scorpio, 😀 When I used to ride the bike, it was mostly School children who would ask for a lift.

    Try it, its fun.

    I don’t give lift late in the night. Nor do i ask for lift late in the night from strangers. Many murders have taken place in Bangalore as well. mostly the victims were cab drivers.

  7. na… 😛 Of course from friends yes 🙂

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