“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.” Mahatma Gandhi

All companies boast of customer support. They have dedicated lines, toll free numbers, website links and email ids to help customers at the time of product dissatisfaction, service, complaints and feedback. With more people preferring the email and web way of raising their complaints,  most of the companies have options to help the customers the eway.

I raised a complaint regarding bad service and rude staff behaivior at a Spencer store in Bangalore. I wrote my feedback down on the book they have kept at the store, on page 37( this is important read on..). After a week I visited the store again and out of curiosity opened the book only to find that page 37 is missing. All the other pages with customer feedback was there except page 37. I talked to one of the staff and asked them on the missing page for which she replied “I did not tear it”.

Me “I didn’t say you tore it off, was just asking on where the page is. Now I am sure someone tore it off”

She “I did not tear it”

Me “Can I see your manager?”

Out came the same person who was rude to me the week before that and introduced as the manager of the store. I asked the same question.

Manager “It was there”

Me “Where is it?. I am sure none of the customers are going to tear it off ”

Manager “I did not tear it, why are you blaming me”

Me “I want to talk to your Manager”

On this, the manager called the store ‘general manager’ who said he will take appropriate action on it.

I sent an email to the email id given on the spencer site. The last line read “I hope you acknowledge and respect my comments and not just send this email to thrash just like what happened to Page 37”

And they did. They sent it to thrash.

I sent a similar feedback to GK Vale customer care on how their store ruined the photoframe order that I gave. No reply.

I think many of these email ids should have warnings posted on their site as “Warning : Please do not sent emails to this id as it would go to an unmonitored mailbox.”

But some companies are prompt in replying to customer emails like Tata Indicom and Vodafone. Tata Indicom also has a forum where we can post our concerns and it would be addressed in 2 working days.

From all this I learned one thing, the snail mail still helps. All complaints send as snail mail would be read and acknowledged (read most of them). May be the customer service is been bombarded with customer emails that some of the emails are missed out. I think the customer support also consider snail mail as documentary evidence and take it more seriously than the emails. So next time you want to write a complaint out, write a snail mail.


  1. That’s some experience!!!

    But you were lucky that you at least were given a register to put up a complain, I have been to places where when I ask for a complain book I get blank stares!!!

    Customer Service in India is way behind the basic industry standards…and its time that the so called Service providers do something about it!!!

  2. My mom mailed wirlpool head office today..we have an AMC and they didn’t turn up when we called with a things are sorted out I guess 🙂

    Stupid people…take them to court! 😀

  3. You are absolutely right Xylene. Most companies in India do not take emails seriously. But you know what, the post office to which I wrote a complaint to by email did!! Now you can compare the private sector and public sector! Amazing difference, isn’t it. And when it comes these malls and shops they just don’t want to pay any heed, to anything. I will give you a tip. Find out the name of the md, and write to him directly. I did that with pvr, after all my attempts were unsucessful. dont think its minor and he won’t pay attention. The top guys are usually do.

  4. Even govt offices who have given email ids to contact them dont take emails seriously!

  5. True! I have given N number of feedbacks. Except maybe 2 or 3, no response!

  6. Smitha,
    Every management gives it the top priority, however, its loosens at the ends where it has to be implemented. Its worst where the customer interaction occurs. Many of the incidents are not reported as customer just shout crib and leave the store. And this is what happens when you complain through proper channel 🙂

    When I call for service for my bike, they always tell me there is no slot available. when I tell them that its paid service, they say I can come any time !!
    (not that they dont get paid by the company when they submit the voucher for free service).
    They can always demand more if its paid.
    Actually that post of yours came to my mind when I wrote this. It would be an isolated incident and surprising !! I thought of writing a snail mail, but then I thought may be that manager would lose her job(since being rude to me is not an issue, but tearing the customer feedback is a serious issue). So thought may be a warning (if it was given) would be sufficient.
    Most of the govt websites are not even updated. Some are years old. Its not surprising that they don’t reply.
    Yeah email never really works in case of complaints. Registered post helps !

  7. I’m surprised you r mail didn’t bounce. It’s not with regard to customer service mails alone. Even contact email ids are a big #fail for a lot of companies. Sometimes I depend on these email ids to get in touch with companies (when I don’t have a contact in a company) and a lot of times it either bounced or I got a response weeks later.

  8. I had a “positive” experience with Kaati Zone on the feedback issue…
    I had sent in a complaint over their website..the next day I had emails from the local manager and their CEO stating clearly what actions they had taken. The manager even called me.

  9. am not surprised. I have seen worse at Ohris restaurant at Hyderabad Central mall. Their feedback book is full of abuse, complaints by the customers and then a lot of pages are either torn off or stapled together.

    And trust me, their service still sucks big time and still morons queue up to eat there. Dunno why?

  10. @Balu,
    Yeah am surprised as well. I got an automated reply. 🙂

    That would be an isolated case 🙂 I once emailed Niknish and did not get any response. So I posted their review at Mouth shut. The higher management emailed me.

    🙂 Well, some management has an attitude like “how come only you have a problem?????”
    They would not think of customer service until their business comes to a halt because of dissatisfied customers.

  11. from our canteen complaint book to the one maintained by MNC’s have same fate.


  12. ever wonder why people just dont care and find it a waste of time ?
    well i think the chalta hai culture should change …
    so do u … so it is a start nonetheless

  13. I had bad experiences with GK Vale too. And I sent them a feedback on their website. Interestingly some bloke did call back. But trust me, not to apologize or take corrective action.

    He spent a good 5 minutes of mine to “convince” me that GK Vale is good and I am supposed to repeat that after him. And finally hung up quite rudely.

    Its the loyal groups of people who blindly believe in brands who keep these arrogant corporates going. I am just hoping the recession brings some sense into them. 🙂

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  16. my E-mail does not open. so,i want it to work. so,please give me note verificition to start

  17. Fran Knutson · · Reply

    Looking for order # DR3703415. Has it been shiped?…..It is a Christmas gift.Please let me know ASAP

  18. JAMES CLULOW · · Reply


    1. JAMES CLULOW · · Reply


  19. Cliff Romig · · Reply

    I made an order yesterday and was never given a chance to review it, Thought I ordered one can of magic seal and got 4 cans w/ a shipping cost more than the product. I want to cancel my order but there is no phone # available to do so. Cliff

  20. I am still not recieving a reply of my email that i sent you for my order.

  21. stylist · · Reply

    I have asked clicked un subscribe over 30 times & these Aholes keep sending their trashy adds

  22. viv mosier · · Reply

    called Sit and cycle 3 times 2 be sure my order was cancelled each time I was told 2 call back in 24 hours so by the last person i talked to said call back in 24 hours well guess what they were closed for friday and saturday. Then i was informed by E mail that my order has shipped. So now I will refuse the pkg. Please do not make the mistake and put in all your info as they do not give you the total price util after you fill all info out (including your charge card number)Thought I was getting the item for $19.95 what a surprise I got. BEWARE viv315

  23. Priscilla Catania · · Reply

    tried to order Dutch Glow online and was not able to review the order before placing it. Am now getting more than I want and want to cancel the whole order but can’t do it anywhere. This is not good business practice.

  24. mitchell gunich · · Reply

    order #16500444 I canceled I put in a different order it said cancel and that is what I did and you sent the order anyway now what do I have to call my credit to cancel

  25. AMAR SINGH CHOUHAN · · Reply


  26. when will my order ship out .
    my order no.18991190

  27. need to know when will my order ship out
    when will you send a tracking number

  28. I wouldn’t also like to know where my order is you got 60.00 dollars of mine n e an no merchandise !!!!!!! What a re you running here?ordered it Oct 19 2016

  29. wayne smith · · Reply

    ordered taclight with bonus light never received bonus light but was charged for it

  30. gary n aldrich · · Reply

    where the hell is my order 20893650 ?

  31. Linda Worthy · · Reply

    In regards to order #21604847
    I ordered the Hurrican Spin Brooms March 13th. I then got a e-mail from FedEx stating they could not make the delivery. Where is it? DONOT charge my account for this order. Will pay when I receive my order.

  32. robert o'brien po box 339--- 338 2nd st, waterville Pa 17776 · · Reply

    placed order for 2 copper fit knee sleeves order # 23046145 sun aug 6, and still not recd or heard from you, pls advise

  33. Donald Hizer · · Reply

    Where is my order. #26303959

  34. Vickie lynn neal · · Reply

    I did not add the extended track pieces on my order but yet I got charged for them I do not want them every time I try to send them an email it says message failure

  35. Tired of your fucking emails , I will call my lawyer and the attorney general and Sue you for harassment

  36. My lawyer and the attorney general are going to sue you for harassment


  38. SHIRLEY BRENNAN · · Reply

    you did not state masks came from china where virus originated also i ordered 100 and got 220 i am not paying for overage also cancel any future shipments

  39. Carol Green · · Reply

    I ordered a Tacs Shaver rechargeable from you and it had no adaptor and where can I get one. there was no brush or storage pouch could you please reply to this note thank you Carol Green

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    Can’t find way to contact Noreply

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