Civic Bodies and some other things

Elevated Highway

Okay now that we have a 10 km long elevate highway all the way to the Electronic City, I would be more tempted to take my car out than to use public transportation. What? there would be a  toll? I am rich so why care. Its for the rich anyway. The common man’s bus does not take the highway. It takes me through the traffic clogged road below.

Now why didn’t anyone think of investing on a metro train to EC? I thought that made more sense than the EC highway. After all its public transportation that you should promote.

Civic Bodies

Day1 : Level the road

Day 55: Asphalt the road.

Day 60 : BSNL digs up the road.

Day 61 : Motorcycle rider falls into the pit.

Day 65 : BSNL covers the road with enough rocks and sand to make a mountain on the centre of the road.

Day 70 : Somebody from the water/sewage dept digs up the road.

Day 80 :Road in the same condition as Day -1.

There is something called coordination guys. Please coordinate. Would you paint you house first and then think of  wiring your house?

Bus day

The bus day that the transport ministry started from Feb 4th (its going to be a Bus day on 4th of every month, and if 4th falls on a weekend, the next monday would be considered a bus day). So our Minster hops onto a bus and take a ride to Vidhan Soudha. Many of his assistants and media followed him as well.

The concept is good. But then the traffic was no different on that day.  First thing is the connectivity, is Bangalore well connected? No. Next is the frequency of buses. LOW.

I think the best way to connect the outskirts of the cities or layouts is to have smaller buses plying within the layouts to the nearest main road. One thing that they should think about. And have more buses in the night too. So that the druken people would take the bus as well, if they think drinking is cheap and hiring a taxi is expensive.

Please guys either use the company cab or use the BMTC bus. Don’t drive on a four seater car all alone Pool IN!

The other side

I was watching Vikram’s Anniyan the other day and was wondering whether each one of us have this disorder?. Multiple personality disorder I mean. Well, take this example. A young professional all neatly dressed, with great reputation for work ethics, would pass for a gentleman among the ladies as he would open doors for them, carry their luggage at the airport. This guy hops into his car,  accelerate and get this sudden influx of power that he has obtained. He feels like Spiderman when he first realizes his power. Armed with a 1200 CC vehicle and power at 85 ps @ 6000 rpm he feels God.

And then there is an open road with some pedestrians/other vehicles. He accelerate, overtakes everyone in front of him, changing lanes, screeching to a stop at the next red signal only because there are a couple of cars ahead of him at the signal. He swears at a pedestrian for crossing the road and overtakes at 100Km/hr through the left side.

Now, in the Spiderman movie Peter’s uncle say “With great power comes great responsibility” So I guess its applicable here as well. Like my brother says many know to operate the machine, the car, but very few know how to drive responsibily.

I guess he is right, many got a license because all they check is your skill to operate the machine. But very few drive ethically and responsibily.

Bottom line, people personalities change when they are behind the wheel. Its something I observed.



  1. The EC Elevated highway scenario occurs everywhere, I’d say. Here the competition is between the Telecom people, water authority, drainage folks and lately the optic fibre dudes. Whatever, its how you’ve explained it: wiring the house after after full painting. 😉

  2. Would you paint you house first and then think of wiring your house?

    well said, it common everywhr(in india)

    they coordinate well not to do it in the right order.

    taring will be done first, then digging by diff authorities.

  3. CrapLiker · · Reply

    Well said man …

  4. With unprecedented increased in population, any amount of buses would be insufficient! psst!
    I hope the traffic situation gets better in Bangalore..and ya, not having “namma Metro” to E City is ridiculous!

  5. ” 100Km/hr through the left side ”

    Teach the rules first!! And it is not safe to go fast on the left lane, no one understands drivers and even cyclists take the right for some reason and lead to a lot of problems..

    I am a big fool..I honk at blind turning, put the indicator when I change lanes, wear the seat belt etc….

  6. Hope u understand the following shayri

    Idhar khuda hai, udar khuda hai,
    Jidar dekho udar khuda hai,
    jidhar nahi khuda hai…….udhar kal khudega!

  7. Reema. Yep. 🙂

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