Have you lost things and then you were never able to find it? My brother has many things that are under missing tag. Once he lost the wireless router antennae. Yes you heard it right. We searched for it all over the place. In the closet, under the bed, 50 ms around the router itself. We were not able to find it. We declared it as “Lost” and moved on(moved closer to the wireless router to be in range).

Months later he was on his way to the U.S.A for an overseas assignment and like normal people took a flight to US . (Unlike HCL guy in the ad who takes helicopter rides for his on-site assignments).  He got down at London Heathrow Airport to catch the transit flight. While he checked in, the airport security did scans and searched his suitcases and then they found something. The security staff reached over and displayed it to my brother. It was the antennae.

And it took 4477 miles and an Englishman to find it. My brother thanked the staff for helping him find it. “Glad to help sir”  the security staff replied.

Once I went to the nearest studio to take some passport size photographs. I picked the prints from the store the very next day. And when I reached back home, I was not able to find it. It was not there in my pockets, nor in the car. I went back to the store to check with them to see if I misplaced it somewhere in the store.  Retraced my steps in the basement to see if I accidentally dropped it when I took the lift. After 2 hours I declared it ‘lost’. I went back to the store and ordered some more prints. “Tomorrow sir” He said.

Arrgh. I picked it up from the store the following day. After parking my car in the basement, I opened the passenger door and noticed a yellow cover in between the passenger seat and seat belt. It was the photographs.

I took the lift home with 25 smiling photographs of mine, passport size !


  1. Theres a concept in our house called “safe place”…basically anything that goes into this place is as good as lost…
    My uncle once misplaced a cup of coffee early in the morning. It was found later that day behind the curtain..he swears that we hid it…

    1. haha, I have lost many undergarments. Not sure if the machine ate it or it just flew away!

  2. send one photograph plz. u have many of them with u now.

    1. Do u really want it? 😀

  3. Is it your this ‘smiling’ Avatar photograph that you lost and found? this one with that Burger-King crown? Ah, I’d rather lose it and go and fetch another decent one if I were you.. 😛

    btw, where did you get this Avatar from? Does it imply anything? I get the chemical formation of the benzene derivative, but not this Avatar! 😆

    1. Nah thats jughead 🙂 (from Archie comics). He never opens his eyes, yet sees everything. 😀

  4. haa.haa..

    sahi hai!

    now what will you do with so many pics of yours?? Gift it around to some friends whom you really dont like! 😉 😀

    1. No got couple of them in my wallet (to persuade the poor chap who steals it, to return it). Some in my wife’s handbag (I put them in:D)

  5. back in my hostel days we used to have a ‘lost and found’ box in every floor.
    all of us were supposed to deposit anything ‘unattained’ or ‘found’ in that box.

    anybody wud b amazed just to see the wide range of objects that are found unattended, the irony is nobody ever found anything in their after they have lost something. but it was that little hope that it used to provide us… like even after a month it provided me hope… and i used to check our ‘lost and found’ box every evening for my fev fountain pen (class VI) :mrgreen:

    1. haha. And so whose is it? all those things in the box? 🙂

  6. ah….the joys of finding something lost ages back when you least expect!

    1. and the joy of finding a 100 or 500 Re note hid in the wallet along with the numerous business cards !!

  7. good one buddy !!

  8. Oh I m sure there are pixies etc at work!! I lose so many things..and usually forever! Recent one being a gold earring from one of my ears just fell off! 😦

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