There is a cat…..

Attention, there is a cat in the apartment. And then started the hate emails.

This is how the story goes. Since the apartment I stay have net savvy residents, the Management committee started a group on yahoo to help people be in touch with each other. This was to let everyone know about changes, water problems, generator issues etc. But mostly it would be used by people to bark, threaten, abuse others since all you have to do is write and then wait for the reply.

One mail read “I’ve seen couple of  Cats creating havoc in the complex ..atleast they are a source of botheration to me …..they relieve themselves in my private garden and today they crossed the next step…entered via my back balcony door inside my appartment

And then he sent another one “I‘am not sure if the cat has any owners but if it has , then they should teach her some manners and they themselves should learn some manners as well.Couple of days back ,she entered my back balcony . A good shot of stone missed her my whisker or else I would have know who the owners are

I did not understand his email completely but with the reply from an animal activist (living in the apartment) I got the point.

She said “Looks like, unfortunately, u have been brought up in a posh villa with no nature or animals around you due to which you speak like this or throw stones at animals with out any feelings for them. You have no understanding that there is actually no difference between animals and children, and you are a father of one.  The black cat might not have been ours, but still I will warn you that if you are so rude, then there are many animal welfare associations that can arrest you for illtreating animals

oh !!!

And then it goes on and on and on. All mails copied to the group id with all individual flat owners/tenants reading them and then laughing about it.

And the cat? He/She is sleeping sound somewhere in the basement, away from all the hatred !

*All emails conversations copied directly from the actual email.


  1. Wow..looks like real harmony in the apartment 😉

  2. ROFL.. you sure need not go out to get your entertainment, do you???


  3. lol 😀 😀

  4. ahh…and now you have let the cat out of the bag!

  5. lol good one 🙂

    apart from this, anything good happening thru this mail list ?

  6. here kitty kitty

  7. “my back balcony” .ROFL!

  8. I think it is perfectly okay to throw a stone at the cat if it is entering your balcony or house.

    But, this guy keeps stones in his house?

    That animal activist mail was a lose threat. Plain bullshit.

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