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Have you lost things and then you were never able to find it? My brother has many things that are under missing tag. Once he lost the wireless router antennae. Yes you heard it right. We searched for it all over the place. In the closet, under the bed, 50 ms around the router itself. […]

Sony Ebook reader PRS 300

The wife gifted me with this super cool gadget. This is the best gift I’ve ever got ! The gift came with a warning “Dont use this all the time at home. You spend a lot of time on the laptop anyway”. Now my bus rides to office is relaxing as I read through pages […]

Civic Bodies and some other things

Elevated Highway Okay now that we have a 10 km long elevate highway all the way to the Electronic City, I would be more tempted to take my car out than to use public transportation. What? there would be a  toll? I am rich so why care. Its for the rich anyway. The common man’s […]

Dial 100 for ….

Like any other law abiding citizen my wife stopped the car at  the red signal. Five seconds went by silently when there was a loud thud and our car zoomed forward. It took us a minute to realize what happened.  Rewind. We stopped at a red signal where the counter was at 27 seconds. The bus which […]

Thank you

Saying thank you would be the most difficult thing that our country face. People never thank the cab driver who drop them off at their doorstep late night from work. Nor do they thank the auto driver when they are dropped off at their homes.  This is not a rant post. But I just trying […]

A day’s ride on the City Bus.

Travelling by bus is a great feeling, it gives me time to think and gives you a peaceful travel to work without having to pay attention to the crazy drivers and notorious traffic. This also reminds me of the days I used to go to School taking the bus. It was an hour long ride. I […]

How to drive right !

In India ‘left’ is right, although 95% of the drivers on road fail to realize that. I have written about traffic earlier on how lucky I am to reach office well dressed and alive ! I was reading through some old threads on when I saw this “If the left indicator blinks, it means you […]

The Discrimination

I visited Mysore yesterday with my partner from the US and two other colleagues. The weather was good with occasional drizzling and a cool breeze. We reached Mysore palace after visiting the Sri Ranganatha Temple at Srirangapatna and Tipu Sultan’s fort. The board at the entrance fee read ” For Adults Rs 25, for Foreigners […]

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor […]

The Lift

The lift has many usages. The first thing that comes to our mind would be the lift as in elevator. I would talk about something else, the uncommon thing in India, ‘requesting for a lift (ride)”. The busstop is around a kilometer and half from my apartment, with no auto stand in sight (and because […]