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CWG Opening Ceremony

I enjoyed watching the spectacular show put together by the CWG organizers for its opening ceremony.  The unity in diversity theme was depicted with colors and chaos. I tweeted a lot during the show, mostly because I was excited on how the show was unfolding with surprises (Not really coz DD aired it with a […]

There are three kinds of people ……

There are three types of people on the planet. The good ones, bad ones and the ones on  Indian trains. Once I was traveling with my wife and one year old kid on a Garib rath to Bangalore. The berths allocated to us was Side middle the infamous berth that Lalu introduced and Side upper. […]

There is a cat…..

Attention, there is a cat in the apartment. And then started the hate emails. This is how the story goes. Since the apartment I stay have net savvy residents, the Management committee started a group on yahoo to help people be in touch with each other. This was to let everyone know about changes, water […]


Have you lost things and then you were never able to find it? My brother has many things that are under missing tag. Once he lost the wireless router antennae. Yes you heard it right. We searched for it all over the place. In the closet, under the bed, 50 ms around the router itself. […]

Sony Ebook reader PRS 300

The wife gifted me with this super cool gadget. This is the best gift I’ve ever got ! The gift came with a warning “Dont use this all the time at home. You spend a lot of time on the laptop anyway”. Now my bus rides to office is relaxing as I read through pages […]

Civic Bodies and some other things

Elevated Highway Okay now that we have a 10 km long elevate highway all the way to the Electronic City, I would be more tempted to take my car out than to use public transportation. What? there would be a  toll? I am rich so why care. Its for the rich anyway. The common man’s […]

Dial 100 for ….

Like any other law abiding citizen my wife stopped the car at  the red signal. Five seconds went by silently when there was a loud thud and our car zoomed forward. It took us a minute to realize what happened.  Rewind. We stopped at a red signal where the counter was at 27 seconds. The bus which […]