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“I am calling from xx Bank”

I applied for another credit card. This is because they were offering me 5k worth vouchers and I was like ‘wow, I could use it and then cut the credit card into four and send it back’ And then came the calls.  “Sir calling from XX bank for verfication your name, your address, your phone […]

Western Union’

The ‘Western Union Money Transfer’ boasts instant money transfer to any part of the world. The idea is simple but the convenience is huge, especially for the people in kerala who have at least one person in their family in the Gulf. Now my uncle (in the gulf) wanted to transfer 20k to his family […]

I am sick of electronic money.

I am sick of electronic money. Last time I was charged twice when I swiped my card at a retail shop in Kochi. I got just one slip as reference for my transaction but I was charged twice.Then it’s a game of tennis between the merchant and the bank, and I would be the ball. […]

The ‘Customer Care’less

Today my wife received a credit card (which she has not applied for) from The Bank. I suggested calling up the Customer ‘care’ to sort out the issue. 10:00 AM Automated voice “ Thanks for calling us. Happy new year to you and your family and …………….” 10:04 AM Automated voice  “Dial 1 for…dial 2 […]