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An Award

I started blogging at wordpress in July 2006, it’s been two years. I have limited readers, very less hits and very few posts(156). I have many blogs on my reader, but I frequently visit only a few. Thanks to all my lovely readers and comments, it keeps me going with all the crap !.   […]

Tags This August.

What do you do when you are bored, have nothing to write about and is facing a writer’s block? Thats when Tags comes to your rescue. Use them, feel the difference. (Proposed advertisment for Tags, which will hit the media soon) ——————————————————————————————–   Okay so I got tagged. Here is the first one from Vishesh. 6 […]

The Brand Tag

Rekha and Vishesh tagged me to do the Brand tag. I managed to google out some of the brands I use everyday, I know I missed many.  The pictures are from the company sites. So companies, consider this as a free ad and you can pay me if you like or hire me as your […]

July Tag Season

Vishesh and Nita tagged me with the simplest tag of this ‘tag season’     Write 6 words.  Love, Family, Faith, Dreams, Happiness, Friends          Ten things people here do not know about me   I day dream a lot. I am cynophobic. I love music when it’s played in full volume. I (plan to) […]

A major Indian newspaper steals a blogger’s photograph!!

  A fellow blogger’s picture was ripped off from her blog and used in a National Newspaper. You can read the complete post at here. This is not the first time,  another blogger also faced the same issue from a local weekly.   

Olympics 2008

I got this as a forward. After reading Ruhi’s post, I thought of posting it.

Movie Quirks

Now that Nita has tagged me (thanx Nita), I thought of giving it a try. Reason #1 I love movies, I never used to miss a single movie at the theater and at my favorite CD rental shop. Now that times have changed (got settled with family) time for all this is one big factor. […]