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An Award

I started blogging at wordpress in July 2006, it’s been two years. I have limited readers, very less hits and very few posts(156). I have many blogs on my reader, but I frequently visit only a few. Thanks to all my lovely readers and comments, it keeps me going with all the crap !.   […]

Tags This August.

What do you do when you are bored, have nothing to write about and is facing a writer’s block? Thats when Tags comes to your rescue. Use them, feel the difference. (Proposed advertisment for Tags, which will hit the media soon) ——————————————————————————————–   Okay so I got tagged. Here is the first one from Vishesh. 6 […]

The Brand Tag

Rekha and Vishesh tagged me to do the Brand tag. I managed to google out some of the brands I use everyday, I know I missed many.  The pictures are from the company sites. So companies, consider this as a free ad and you can pay me if you like or hire me as your […]

July Tag Season

Vishesh and Nita tagged me with the simplest tag of this ‘tag season’     Write 6 words.  Love, Family, Faith, Dreams, Happiness, Friends          Ten things people here do not know about me   I day dream a lot. I am cynophobic. I love music when it’s played in full volume. I (plan to) […]

A major Indian newspaper steals a blogger’s photograph!!

  A fellow blogger’s picture was ripped off from her blog and used in a National Newspaper. You can read the complete post at here. This is not the first time,  another blogger also faced the same issue from a local weekly.   

Olympics 2008

I got this as a forward. After reading Ruhi’s post, I thought of posting it.

Movie Quirks

Now that Nita has tagged me (thanx Nita), I thought of giving it a try. Reason #1 I love movies, I never used to miss a single movie at the theater and at my favorite CD rental shop. Now that times have changed (got settled with family) time for all this is one big factor. […]

Blog Stats

I was just going through the Blog Stats section today and I am surprised to see how people land on my blog. It’s hilarious, yet questioning how the search engines direct people to the wrong site and providing them with less or no information on what they were searching for. I am not complaining though…..  (I […]

Two Themes in Two Days

Two themes in two days. I don’t know why, I just can’t decide on one theme. I screwed it up last time. I am pretty comfortable with what I have now. What do you guys think? Please let me know I am confused !!!!

Ma Old Blogs !

I almost forgot that I had an account with Recently while flushing out my old emails, I found emails from blogger. com. I decided to check what ‘crap’ I have written in those blogs ( I forgot the address of the blogs, the username and passwords ). I tried all combinations of username and […]