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Dial 100 for ….

Like any other law abiding citizen my wife stopped the car at  the red signal. Five seconds went by silently when there was a loud thud and our car zoomed forward. It took us a minute to realize what happened.  Rewind. We stopped at a red signal where the counter was at 27 seconds. The bus which […]

On Water

It’s a lovely day. I woke up in the morning, got ready for work, drove my car out from the garage and parked it near the garden. I took the garden hose and started filling up the fuel tank with…………..WATER !   Now you guys might be wondering what I am talking about. Well, I […]

World’s cheapest car upsets environmentalists

 “World’s cheapest car upsets environmentalists”… Okay. What doesn’t upset them?  The middle class family dream is here. But then it upsets the environmentalists. But I don’t think we should care.  Take a look at the carbon dioxide emissions around the world Total carbon dioxide emissions 106 Tons of CO2 per year: United States: 2,790 China: 2,680 […]