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And the **** vanished.

And thats how the **** vanished. Our college mess was a mess. The kitchen was a mess, the cook was a bigger mess, and the food was even bigger………….mess thats when we decided to form the ‘Mess committee’ . We had to make sure that the Mess committee wouldn’t keep up with its ‘name’ and […]

Back to the College Part I

Scene: Math Class. Second year Engineering. Professor: “Rengith U R” Rengith: “Yes sir” Professor “Oh. So you are Rengith?” Rengith “No Sir I am Rengith U. R” Professor “ ???? You are Rengith right?” Rengith “No Sir Rengith U. R”. Class “Rengith U. R sirrrrrr” Professor confused as ever “ So YOU ARE Rengith U. […]