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Seat Belt

The law mandates that the two passengers who occupy the front seats has to wear a seat belt. Well its only a law, which is seldom enforced. I have seen many of the young in flashy cars wearing it. But the older generation never wear it. I guess it because they are not used to […]

The Garib Rath & News

The garib rath is supposed to be the ‘Poor Man’s Chariot’ .  Its the ‘Lalu way’ of giving the poor a chance to enjoy benefits that the upper class of the society enjoy. I liked the concept, this also meant lower AC fares. I once boarded a green colored Garib Rath from Kerala- Yeswatpur (Near […]

The great Indian Adjustment.

I was traveling by train the other day on the Lalbagh Express (Chennai – Bangalore) . I managed to get a confirmed ticket on Second Sitting, which is the second class sitting compartment – reserved. The train starts at 1530 hrs and it was not crowded at all. But when the clock struck 1525, there […]

_Drunk &Drive

One of our family friend was stopped by police on his way back from a party. He was drunk and the police charged him for driving under influence. The police man was so generous and kind that he allowed our family friend to drive back home. At the court our family friend challenged the policeman’s […]

Think Like A Terrorist

No one ever imagined how you turn a plane into a flying missile. No one knew about suicide attacks. No one knew that setting up multiple bombs in a city can bring it to its knees. No one knew that you can just walk in through coastline and start shooting. No one knew that star […]

Even a dog would have not…..

I apologize. A BJP leader in Mumbai made a comment saying that ‘……lipstick clad women could go around and ridicule the politicians….’ What was the point he was trying to make? That everyone turned to the streets offering condolences and protesting against the politicians is a crime or that wearing lipstick is a crime???? Shivraj […]

The Iron Men

The apartment dhobi was a good man. Lets call him Dhobi2. He would collect the clothes and return it promptly, well pressed. He was good at his job, never lost/misplaced any of my clothes and was always on time. One fine day he was missing. I asked the security guards about him and came to […]