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The swipe Flu

I have been in this industry for 4 years now. I would be just another guy working in the Technolgy Services (out of  1 MM). But recently I realized I have the swipe Flu. Now what is Swipe flu? To get more understanding of it, let’s look into a day of my life at work. […]

And the **** vanished.

And thats how the **** vanished. Our college mess was a mess. The kitchen was a mess, the cook was a bigger mess, and the food was even bigger………….mess thats when we decided to form the ‘Mess committee’ . We had to make sure that the Mess committee wouldn’t keep up with its ‘name’ and […]

I am back

I am back. Got an airtel connection. Hathway was cheaper for my kind of usage, but seems like they don’t service my new place. The old (land)lady. She deducted a month’s rent as painting charges. For that money she could paint it thrice. Once the cheque was handed over and I got into my car, […]

Apartment #1

So we went to see this apartment which was not at the best area where one would like to move from the better area where he/she is staying currently. Nevertheless I just want to escape from the … well you know. I rang the bell, while I was waiting for the door to open, I […]

Training On Egg

“You have to protect the egg from breaking” explained our trainer. “You will have to throw it on our target kept at approximately 6 feet away” She continued “and it should not break”   “WHAT THE?? “ I thought. Even before my thought process could finish the world favorite line, she continued “You will be […]

Power outage and Me.

  Since our home in Kerala is in the middle of a thottam (roughly translated as in the middle of nowhere or rubber plantation), we have frequent power outage. Either a silly rubber tree would fall on the lines snapping it or the Electricity board will switch off power if there is heavy rain and […]

A Garage And The Land Lady.

You guys might be knowing how I like my landlady. She is sweet, loving, caring, and concerned. She love her tenants just like the way she love her kids..   I won’t say the above words even if I am drunk !!!!   Now to the point, we have been her tenants for almost an […]

How to topple a government? By An Idiotician.

How to topple a government? By An Idiotician. Important notice : You can use this against your own government, your people and more importantly against your country. The best part of toppling a government is the crores of money we lose when we have to go for elections ahead of schedule. What the hell, its […]

Cell Story

  It was a normal day at our Gent’s hostel. BK, my room mate was undergoing his version of bathing at our common restroom to get rid of the dirt accumulated on his body after a football match. T and myself were sitting idle, bored to the core in our room. Our cells (mobiles I […]

Avoid Cellphones

  Here is an interesting forward I got. The message is clear ! Click on the picture to enlarge.