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Here and there

Few things on my mind recently. 1. LPG Now that the Karnataka government is asking its citizens to produce their Ration Card to keep their gas connections. The middle class citizens are up in arms blaming the government for their suffering. ie. they have to stand in long queues. And says that this is all unnecessary. […]

Go Easy – Whats happening

Okay its been a long holiday on the blog world. I guess I need to come back. But is there anything to write about these days? Raja took half the news world with 2G scam. Some leading journalist (not very leading now) took the other half. ha isn’t it funny that initially media wrote as […]

CWG Opening Ceremony

I enjoyed watching the spectacular show put together by the CWG organizers for its opening ceremony.  The unity in diversity theme was depicted with colors and chaos. I tweeted a lot during the show, mostly because I was excited on how the show was unfolding with surprises (Not really coz DD aired it with a […]

Thank you

Saying thank you would be the most difficult thing that our country face. People never thank the cab driver who drop them off at their doorstep late night from work. Nor do they thank the auto driver when they are dropped off at their homes.  This is not a rant post. But I just trying […]

The great Indian Adjustment.

I was traveling by train the other day on the Lalbagh Express (Chennai – Bangalore) . I managed to get a confirmed ticket on Second Sitting, which is the second class sitting compartment – reserved. The train starts at 1530 hrs and it was not crowded at all. But when the clock struck 1525, there […]

Think Like A Terrorist

No one ever imagined how you turn a plane into a flying missile. No one knew about suicide attacks. No one knew that setting up multiple bombs in a city can bring it to its knees. No one knew that you can just walk in through coastline and start shooting. No one knew that star […]

Ban Them From Politics.

  It’s sad, it was massive. But then we will fight back !   Its even more heart breaking when the politicians play the blame game to the ‘resign’ game. Now what?   I am surprised that they sit in their cozy air conditioned rooms till there is a real crisis and then leave office […]

How to topple a government? By An Idiotician.

How to topple a government? By An Idiotician. Important notice : You can use this against your own government, your people and more importantly against your country. The best part of toppling a government is the crores of money we lose when we have to go for elections ahead of schedule. What the hell, its […]

Meetings on Roads?.

  Common people (excluding policemen, politicians, their supporters) are the ones who are tortured, chased around and deprived of basic rights. One of the basic rights would be to take your tax paid-insurance updated car on the NH and drive to your destination. But the people in brackets make sure that this wont be an […]

Prices on the rise

  Another price hike?  The Government is meeting on Friday to discuss about a new price hike in fuel. The hike would be in the range of Rs 2 to 3.   😦 Fuel prices in karnataka are the highest in the country because of higher tax component and 5 percent entry fee.   Now […]