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Just Another Day In Kerala

I don’t have anything new to write about what is happening in Kerala. Its strikes and protests happening there, along with a student strike yesterday. Just another day in Kerala ! Now the latest reason why the so called students are protesting is because of a controversial textbook introduced this year for Class 7. Yes […]

Prices on the rise

  Another price hike?  The Government is meeting on Friday to discuss about a new price hike in fuel. The hike would be in the range of Rs 2 to 3.   😦 Fuel prices in karnataka are the highest in the country because of higher tax component and 5 percent entry fee.   Now […]

Strange Laws.

  Does people go to any extent to get that 3 minutes of fame on TV?. Recently  a ‘not so popular’ Godman was arrested for fraud and rape in Kerala. This made another guy in the same profession working on God domain sad as he was not getting his share of airtime. So he went on […]

Band BroadBand.

  Back home in Kerala my Dad has applied for Broadband from BSNL, unfortunately its not yet activated and the request is still pending with the telephone exchange .They have given explanations like ‘there should be at least 30 applications’ ‘infrastructure is not ready’ etc etc. The BSNL telephone exchanges are technologically advanced ones, the […]

Western Union’

The ‘Western Union Money Transfer’ boasts instant money transfer to any part of the world. The idea is simple but the convenience is huge, especially for the people in kerala who have at least one person in their family in the Gulf. Now my uncle (in the gulf) wanted to transfer 20k to his family […]

80 Shut Downs in 18 Months

Cross posted at mutiny. 80 shutdowns in 18 months, on an average 4 every month. This figure is haunting as this is after the courts have banned bandh and ‘forceful hartals’. While the political parties have given assurances that the hartals will be peaceful and there wouldn’t be any ‘forceful’ closure of shops or disruptions […]

Dry days in God’s own Country

Cross posted at mutiny. (This post is not to debate on the health issues as a result of alcohol consumption but yes, alcohol consumption is injurious to your health.)A long queue, thick crowd and a traffic block. Yes that’s a state owned liquor shop. Wish I had a photograph to prove it.On my visit to […]

Why techies should move to Trivandrum?

This post is also on Having worked out of Trivandrum for more than two years for a software company I am sure that city has everything you could ask for. I  thought of writing this post after the common response I get from my colleagues out here in Bangalore when I tell them that I […]

Goddess who love @()*#@()

Have you ever used obscene words when you pray? Well it’s the custom here.    Here= Kondugaloor in Ernakulam District, Kerala.    The Devi or Goddess, here seems to like obscene talk, sexual humor and sexually obnoxious songs which even Eminem would think twice to include in his next song.    Hard to Believe? (Believe it […]