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There is a cat…..

Attention, there is a cat in the apartment. And then started the hate emails. This is how the story goes. Since the apartment I stay have net savvy residents, the Management committee started a group on yahoo to help people be in touch with each other. This was to let everyone know about changes, water […]


Have you lost things and then you were never able to find it? My brother has many things that are under missing tag. Once he lost the wireless router antennae. Yes you heard it right. We searched for it all over the place. In the closet, under the bed, 50 ms around the router itself. […]

Thank you

Saying thank you would be the most difficult thing that our country face. People never thank the cab driver who drop them off at their doorstep late night from work. Nor do they thank the auto driver when they are dropped off at their homes.  This is not a rant post. But I just trying […]

A day’s ride on the City Bus.

Travelling by bus is a great feeling, it gives me time to think and gives you a peaceful travel to work without having to pay attention to the crazy drivers and notorious traffic. This also reminds me of the days I used to go to School taking the bus. It was an hour long ride. I […]

The Lift

The lift has many usages. The first thing that comes to our mind would be the lift as in elevator. I would talk about something else, the uncommon thing in India, ‘requesting for a lift (ride)”. The busstop is around a kilometer and half from my apartment, with no auto stand in sight (and because […]

The Elevator Syndrome

A man neatly dressed, walks into the elevator. Once making sure that his floor has been chosen, he searches for something in his pocket, takes out a cell phone and starts fiddling with it. A woman carrying her laptop walks into the elevator. She choses her floor and then takes out her blackberry and starts […]


No, Not in my code. My research for the this unknown insect has been going for sometime now. Its everywhere, (when I say everywhere trust me its all over). This is also known locally as ‘Mupli’. I am not sure why its called that way. May be because its the newest member of everyone’s family at Kottayam. […]


I tried everything (not) to go to the gym. For me, the gym was where people get tortured. “Get me a Nike shorts and I will go jogging” I said. “Whats wrong with the shorts you have now” Wife “I need branded ones” Me. “No one would be watching early morning, there would be hardly […]

The Iron Men

The apartment dhobi was a good man. Lets call him Dhobi2. He would collect the clothes and return it promptly, well pressed. He was good at his job, never lost/misplaced any of my clothes and was always on time. One fine day he was missing. I asked the security guards about him and came to […]

I am back

I am back. Got an airtel connection. Hathway was cheaper for my kind of usage, but seems like they don’t service my new place. The old (land)lady. She deducted a month’s rent as painting charges. For that money she could paint it thrice. Once the cheque was handed over and I got into my car, […]