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The Accent

Okay I am writing this post because I have heard and I am tried of hearing comments on how my accent is not mallu or sometimes its mallu. First thing we call ourselves malayalees and not mallu.  We are the most tolerant people (in terms of religion, education, food, alcohol, powercuts, communists, rain, floods etc). […]

Another channel (sigh) launched !

Another channel launched NDTV Imagine. Now this is the latest one to be launched (INX and Bindass were the recent ones). How many more can an average TV viewer handle? We already have dozens of entertainment channels, which run Bollywood based shows and reality shows along with sitcoms. I guess there is nothing new in […]

DND Do Not Disturb

How irritating it is at time when you are in a meeting or at the hospital when you get a call offering you a credit that you already have? Or asking you to take an insurance policy that you don’t need? National Do No Disturb/Call Registry for your rescue ! I am not sure if […]

Who wants to be a Comic Book Hero?

There is a new (to me tho) TV show that I watched yesterday evening. I was tired from work and decided to watch something other than FRIENDS( I been sitting and watching FRIENDS DVD collection for one week now. NON STOP). I needed a break !  So tuning into Star World I got into some real […]

Ma Old Blogs !

I almost forgot that I had an account with Recently while flushing out my old emails, I found emails from blogger. com. I decided to check what ‘crap’ I have written in those blogs ( I forgot the address of the blogs, the username and passwords ). I tried all combinations of username and […]

Scary Autorickshaws II

I was just surfing the net today, when I encountered this blog  I see that I am not alone. But its sad that no one was considering the complaints this blogger has give for serious action !.

Scary AutoRickshaws !

“Please….Could you please drop me at my house???…Please……..”. YES I am pleading to someone and the person is an auto driver in Bangalore.  They just say NO when they hear “HSR Layout”. Its either a blunt NO or nod as in ‘NO’. Sometimes they give me a look as if “who asked you to stay […]

In Search Of An Apartment Part II

Well this time am not in ‘Gods own country’ am in the Garden city of India and in search of a house (desperately). I set off on ma bike to meet a number of agents whose numbers are all over the electricity poles, websites and newspapers. They take you out for a ride, through the […]

I hate dogs from 3rd July 2007

I went to the hospital after a serious Dog bite. The wound was deep and lost some blood too. The doctor advised a TT and anti-rabies injection. The injections cost pretty high, its imported from France said the doc. I dint care about the money, but wanted the dog dead by noon. “Keep an eye […]