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The Jet Airways Chairman said that pilot strike was unwarranted and it was causing huge impact on the common people. Wait a min, you are thinking about common people, how about your plan to strike to get government sops last month? Shashi Taroor was on the news for the wrong reason again. First he was […]

80 Shut Downs in 18 Months

Cross posted at mutiny. 80 shutdowns in 18 months, on an average 4 every month. This figure is haunting as this is after the courts have banned bandh and ‘forceful hartals’. While the political parties have given assurances that the hartals will be peaceful and there wouldn’t be any ‘forceful’ closure of shops or disruptions […]

Dry days in God’s own Country

Cross posted at mutiny. (This post is not to debate on the health issues as a result of alcohol consumption but yes, alcohol consumption is injurious to your health.)A long queue, thick crowd and a traffic block. Yes that’s a state owned liquor shop. Wish I had a photograph to prove it.On my visit to […]