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Everyone is asking me on whether I got my parking space. It’s a BIG NO !. Getting a car is not a luxury, but a parking space is !   My landlady is back with her new excuse on why she is not giving me the garage. She is planning to start a Tution centre […]

A Garage And The Land Lady.

You guys might be knowing how I like my landlady. She is sweet, loving, caring, and concerned. She love her tenants just like the way she love her kids..   I won’t say the above words even if I am drunk !!!!   Now to the point, we have been her tenants for almost an […]

The Pest Control (The End)

Hoorraaaaaayyyy.. I am back from my vacation and I am surprised to see that the ‘pest controlling’ worked !!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the ‘atta thing’ worked after all !.

The Pest Control (contd)

You might have to read this before moving on….. ………. Yes its from the kitchen. I ran to the kitchen to find my wife screaming and there was a cockroach in sight.  “What the ???” I thought and ran for my cellphone. “Are you going to kill it with your cell phone” My wife asked. “No […]

The Pest Control

After the incident of pest attack we thought of calling in the experts. The pests including cockroaches were almost invading my home. They were everywhere !!! I called in a pest control agent to analyze the situation and to suggest plans to save us from the invasion. It took him hardly 10 minutes to walk […]

The Landlord ‘Treatment’

“Yeah I have told the carpenter to fix it”   said my landlord. (One of our cupboards needs to be fixed). “You need not worry about it” she adds with a smile.  Me “And the lock?” Landlord “Yes that too! You need not worry about it” Me “And the forest behind our kitchen?  The plants out […]