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Review 5.

I just find poor to zero customer care everywhere in Bangalore. Is it because I am at the wrong end of what customer service is all about? Is it because I am a bad customer requesting service and not a customer getting bad service?  Should I do a review on myself as a customer??????? I […]

Review 4.

This is the incident I had at a Phone Booth near my home. I made two calls to a local Tata indicom number and the bill came to 6 Rs. The lady charged me Rs10, on questioning on why she was charging more, she replied that she charge Rs2 extra for every call made to […]

Review 3.

I was a satisfied customer of Tata Indicom till I came to Bangalore. I wanted to take a new postpaid connection with Tata indicom and paid a visit to the nearest “Tata Indicom True Value Hub”.  The ‘Hub’ was crowded and I quickly collected my token. The representative asked for my documents. I gave him […]

Review 2

My wife is a regular customer with NikNish, Forum, Bangalore. She loves the products being displayed at the store. One day she made a visit to the store at Forum, Bangalore with her Dad and Mom who came from home town to visit us. She wanted to show them around the store, which they liked […]

Review 1

I happened to be an unfortunate customer of Hindustan Lever Pureit. I bought a Pureit Water purifier after I saw the advertisements on the TV. One of the prime reasons why I decided to buy the product was because it was from HLL. I called the customer care  at 1PM on Saturday 6th of Oct […]

Reviews !!!

I never wanted to write reviews in my blog. But many of the posts are indeed reviews on the various incidents that happened in my life. This is a bit different as this is my experience with some of the shops/outlets/products in Bangalore.