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Somewhere customer is cared.

I wrote a couple of customer care related posts in my blog earlier. Its not unknown that customer care does not exist in India. Its mostly ‘customer cares but the company doesn’t’ .  Links to my previous posts :- 1) How I do not get any replies 2)My experience with Tata indicom. 3)Customercare less 4)Tips […]

Here and there

Few things on my mind recently. 1. LPG Now that the Karnataka government is asking its citizens to produce their Ration Card to keep their gas connections. The middle class citizens are up in arms blaming the government for their suffering. ie. they have to stand in long queues. And says that this is all unnecessary. […]

How to drive right !

In India ‘left’ is right, although 95% of the drivers on road fail to realize that. I have written about traffic earlier on how lucky I am to reach office well dressed and alive ! I was reading through some old threads on when I saw this “If the left indicator blinks, it means you […]

! Blog !

Its been more than a month since I blogged. I occasionaly flip through the blogs on my blog roll but never left a comment. 😦 Seems like I am busy with many other things !. The kiddo is 6 month old and is keeping me busy. I spent more time with him and wifey than […]

Pending Tag And A Good News?

Scorpria and Bluemist tagged me with something called love, betrayal, kick butt tag. 1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be? I would be heart broken at first and then move on with my life. 2. if you can have a dream to come true, what would it be? Go around the […]

“I am calling from xx Bank”

I applied for another credit card. This is because they were offering me 5k worth vouchers and I was like ‘wow, I could use it and then cut the credit card into four and send it back’ And then came the calls.  “Sir calling from XX bank for verfication your name, your address, your phone […]

One Year.

2007. 19 August. The Church The Prayers The Commitment The Reception The Party. 2008. 19 August. The Church. The Prayers The Movie. The Dinner. It’s been one year. It’s been a great year. PS : I am talking about my marriage :). And we walked into The Leela for dinner. Armed with three credit cards […]


Once I walked into a restaurant in Trivandrum. Waiter : Poricha Kozhi, Chappati.. (Chicken fry and Chappati) Me : What else.. is available Waiter : Chappati Beef fry, curry Me : And? Waiter : Egg curry, roast Me : Aint there any vegetable curry On this, the waiter gave a blank look and said “YES”. […]

Bangalore : The Alternative to Auto.

Now the topic might sound like some techincal paper. All I have to give is some alternative mode of transport other than the Auto Rickshaws in Bangalore. Scenario #1. You want to travel  >10 KM to the railway station. You take an auto, its meter is tampered (FOR SURE, trust me) and you end up paying  […]

Western Union’

The ‘Western Union Money Transfer’ boasts instant money transfer to any part of the world. The idea is simple but the convenience is huge, especially for the people in kerala who have at least one person in their family in the Gulf. Now my uncle (in the gulf) wanted to transfer 20k to his family […]