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People & other gyan

So it was another training that the company asked me to attend. This one was called ‘Team building’ and I was sent off in a bus with 22 other strangers to a Place called Doddaballapur which is around 70 kms from Bangalore city. My first thought was ‘Team building’ with 22 strangers? all from different […]

The swipe Flu

I have been in this industry for 4 years now. I would be just another guy working in the Technolgy Services (out of  1 MM). But recently I realized I have the swipe Flu. Now what is Swipe flu? To get more understanding of it, let’s look into a day of my life at work. […]

Training On Egg

“You have to protect the egg from breaking” explained our trainer. “You will have to throw it on our target kept at approximately 6 feet away” She continued “and it should not break”   “WHAT THE?? “ I thought. Even before my thought process could finish the world favorite line, she continued “You will be […]

Angel With An Energy Drink

“zzzzzz” It was tiring boring day at work. I was sleepy, and was finding it difficult to keep my eyes open. My head did not hit the desk, thanks to my Dell Monitor. However coke was already flowing through the number keys. This did wake me up; I have a keyboard with canals of coke […]


Conversation b.w two IT ‘Professionals’ (Overheard)  Professional 1 : ‘Hey heard that you got an offer from a new firm?’ Professional 2 : ‘Yeah I did, I joined the company too’ Professional 1 : ‘How’s the package?’ Professional 2 : ‘ Well its not just the package. There is growth, new challenges and new technologies’  […]

The Bug Control

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Security Guards

My encounters with security guards.  I don’t have anything against security guards, I respect them for their age and more importantly since most of them come for this job after a long time serving in the Indian army. Below are a few encounters I had with different security guards all around Kerala.   At a Major […]

Work Snippets 1.0

Colleague 1 “Hey let’s go down for a pizza” Colleague 2 “Nah I don’t like it anyways” Colleague 1 “It’s free yaar. The company is paying for it” Colleague 2 “WHAT? Heyyy wait for me….” And here we are crowded at the pantry waiting for the pizzas. The admin assistant who is coordinating ‘the event’ […]

Welcome to Bangalore!

Welcome to Bangalore ! Day 1 The city is clean and solid. The cool breeze was ticking my hair and face. The greenery said I am not very far from my home town. I could hear the traffic which engulfed the silence. Welcome to Bangalore. Day 2 I reached office, thanks to the superb driving […]

Hierarchy and Domination

Hierarchy is something that people enjoy and respect. I am not talking about the relational heirarchy where people respect their elders or siblings. This is about professional hierarchy! This sounds normal because in any professional environment you find the ‘power’ tree which is often seperated out with designations. You have a boss, he has a […]