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‘Call In’ Rama Sena

  Yesterday in Channel 9 (which is a Bangalore based English news channel) was featuring a call-in program where the viewers could ask questions to a gentleman from Sri Ramasena.   Caller #1 “Why are you saying that we should not celebrate Valentines Day?” Gentleman “Why do you want to celebrate love on only one […]

Another channel (sigh) launched !

Another channel launched NDTV Imagine. Now this is the latest one to be launched (INX and Bindass were the recent ones). How many more can an average TV viewer handle? We already have dozens of entertainment channels, which run Bollywood based shows and reality shows along with sitcoms. I guess there is nothing new in […]

Horoscope or ‘Horor’scope

I don’t believe in the horoscopes flashed on channels or on the newspaper(well I don’t believe in horoscope all together), but can’t let go of the curiosity of checking what is going to happen to my dear life. So I do check them. 😉  Today on Zoom I got this for my star. “You will […]