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Harbhajan Slapping Sreesanth- Video Leaked

Got this as a forward, Original video of Harbhajan slapping Sreesanth leaked. Silly joke but worth a laugh. Now we know what exactly happened. Well almost. 😀

Racism On and Off field.

  On the field we saw racism with the ‘monkey calls’. ‘Off the field’ this is the first one. The Cheerleaders won’t forget their trip to India, at least for sometime. First they were on the news because they were against the culture of the nation(that’s true, we never had cheerleader before to cheer our […]

My IPL love

(Drafted this on my way to KTM, didn’t get a chance to post it. Here I go).   I am writing a lot about the IPL these days. Not because I am following each and every game (but am loving the hype behind it) but because it’s everywhere. I tune into the news channel and […]

Search for the Lost Channel

I am not a diehard cricket fan. Let me rephrase :  I don’t watch cricket at all. But the recent hype about IPL got me into a search on Friday, also known as the “The search for the lost channel”.   Nita has written about how she got hooked to IPL, while Vijay is irritated about […]