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DND Do Not Disturb

How irritating it is at time when you are in a meeting or at the hospital when you get a call offering you a credit that you already have? Or asking you to take an insurance policy that you don’t need? National Do No Disturb/Call Registry for your rescue ! I am not sure if […]

What do we call this again?

I have written about a similar topic “What do we call this” sometime back. Yet this is quite different from my earlier post. I was at the airport the other day to see off my wife. (yay…..:)) . She was all tired and wanted to sit down, and we approached a near by bench. Apparently the bench […]

Security Guards

My encounters with security guards.  I don’t have anything against security guards, I respect them for their age and more importantly since most of them come for this job after a long time serving in the Indian army. Below are a few encounters I had with different security guards all around Kerala.   At a Major […]