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The swipe Flu

I have been in this industry for 4 years now. I would be just another guy working in the Technolgy Services (out of  1 MM). But recently I realized I have the swipe Flu. Now what is Swipe flu? To get more understanding of it, let’s look into a day of my life at work. […]

Training On Egg

“You have to protect the egg from breaking” explained our trainer. “You will have to throw it on our target kept at approximately 6 feet away” She continued “and it should not break”   “WHAT THE?? “ I thought. Even before my thought process could finish the world favorite line, she continued “You will be […]

Finally !

  Got this as a forward ! People might be losing out on money, but not their sense of humor !

Harbhajan Slapping Sreesanth- Video Leaked

Got this as a forward, Original video of Harbhajan slapping Sreesanth leaked. Silly joke but worth a laugh. Now we know what exactly happened. Well almost. 😀

My friend and the chicken.

This Saturday I went off to meet one of my old friend from school at ‘The Forum’ Bangalore. Since my wife is not around for the weekend I thought of getting in touch with my old friends, renew friendship, talk about ol’ times and have fun. The meet was pretty good at the crowded mall, […]

Some News 26-Apr

I am off for a week to the land of letters, latex and lakes AKA Kottayam. Before that let me leave you guys with some interesting news..   A recent study has reveled that how much a mother eats at the time of conception may influence whether she gives birth to a boy or a […]

Horn Please….. OK !

  I love driving, and I enjoy reading the funny one liners (you can’t really call those oneliners !!) on the back of trucks, pickups and cabs. Here are a few signs. (that we don’t really need , yet we find them on vehicles.)       Your one, my one Ours one. (That will make […]

Bangalore Survival Kit

Got this as a forward. (You might have already seen this 🙂 but its worth a laugh)

Vista Tale

All I tried was to copy some files from an old CD to my Vista laptop.   I have added this to my will.   …… and the laptop goes to my younger son, who can take it once vista has copied the files. And please shut down the computer once done.   I think […]

Horoscope or ‘Horor’scope

I don’t believe in the horoscopes flashed on channels or on the newspaper(well I don’t believe in horoscope all together), but can’t let go of the curiosity of checking what is going to happen to my dear life. So I do check them. 😉  Today on Zoom I got this for my star. “You will […]