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The swipe Flu

I have been in this industry for 4 years now. I would be just another guy working in the Technolgy Services (out of  1 MM). But recently I realized I have the swipe Flu. Now what is Swipe flu? To get more understanding of it, let’s look into a day of my life at work. […]

Training On Egg

“You have to protect the egg from breaking” explained our trainer. “You will have to throw it on our target kept at approximately 6 feet away” She continued “and it should not break”   “WHAT THE?? “ I thought. Even before my thought process could finish the world favorite line, she continued “You will be […]

Finally !

  Got this as a forward ! People might be losing out on money, but not their sense of humor !

Harbhajan Slapping Sreesanth- Video Leaked

Got this as a forward, Original video of Harbhajan slapping Sreesanth leaked. Silly joke but worth a laugh. Now we know what exactly happened. Well almost. 😀

My friend and the chicken.

This Saturday I went off to meet one of my old friend from school at ‘The Forum’ Bangalore. Since my wife is not around for the weekend I thought of getting in touch with my old friends, renew friendship, talk about ol’ times and have fun. The meet was pretty good at the crowded mall, […]

Some News 26-Apr

I am off for a week to the land of letters, latex and lakes AKA Kottayam. Before that let me leave you guys with some interesting news..   A recent study has reveled that how much a mother eats at the time of conception may influence whether she gives birth to a boy or a […]

Horn Please….. OK !

  I love driving, and I enjoy reading the funny one liners (you can’t really call those oneliners !!) on the back of trucks, pickups and cabs. Here are a few signs. (that we don’t really need , yet we find them on vehicles.)       Your one, my one Ours one. (That will make […]