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The Accent

Okay I am writing this post because I have heard and I am tried of hearing comments on how my accent is not mallu or sometimes its mallu. First thing we call ourselves malayalees and not mallu.  We are the most tolerant people (in terms of religion, education, food, alcohol, powercuts, communists, rain, floods etc). […]

Annai !

Isn’t it strange that the same middle class who ‘invented’ corruption to get their work done faster (from driving license to property tax) is now the voice of anti corruption in India. Its okay to take/give a Gandhi (worth 100) but a lakh Gandhis ? strict no no ! Those who have never paid a […]

Even a dog would have not…..

I apologize. A BJP leader in Mumbai made a comment saying that ‘……lipstick clad women could go around and ridicule the politicians….’ What was the point he was trying to make? That everyone turned to the streets offering condolences and protesting against the politicians is a crime or that wearing lipstick is a crime???? Shivraj […]

How to topple a government? By An Idiotician.

How to topple a government? By An Idiotician. Important notice : You can use this against your own government, your people and more importantly against your country. The best part of toppling a government is the crores of money we lose when we have to go for elections ahead of schedule. What the hell, its […]

Prices on the rise

  Another price hike?  The Government is meeting on Friday to discuss about a new price hike in fuel. The hike would be in the range of Rs 2 to 3.   😦 Fuel prices in karnataka are the highest in the country because of higher tax component and 5 percent entry fee.   Now […]

Band BroadBand.

  Back home in Kerala my Dad has applied for Broadband from BSNL, unfortunately its not yet activated and the request is still pending with the telephone exchange .They have given explanations like ‘there should be at least 30 applications’ ‘infrastructure is not ready’ etc etc. The BSNL telephone exchanges are technologically advanced ones, the […]

Horn Please….. OK !

  I love driving, and I enjoy reading the funny one liners (you can’t really call those oneliners !!) on the back of trucks, pickups and cabs. Here are a few signs. (that we don’t really need , yet we find them on vehicles.)       Your one, my one Ours one. (That will make […]

Piracy. Is the industry Listening?

Piracy would be the No 1 competition for music and movie industry. Now why do the pirates survive and how come the police or the law not bringing them to justice? The answer would be simple. The public. There is a greater demand for pirated movie CDs, Audio CDs in India and the piracy business is […]

Divorce through Video Conferencing

hmm, that sounds interesting. While there are thousands of divorces being filed in India stating reasons such as adultery, incompatibility or even that wife doesn’t cook, this was a landmark achievement for our courts. We know that Indian courts takes years to settle a case with more than fifteen hearings. However, in this case, the […]

80 Shut Downs in 18 Months

Cross posted at mutiny. 80 shutdowns in 18 months, on an average 4 every month. This figure is haunting as this is after the courts have banned bandh and ‘forceful hartals’. While the political parties have given assurances that the hartals will be peaceful and there wouldn’t be any ‘forceful’ closure of shops or disruptions […]