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Strange Laws.

  Does people go to any extent to get that 3 minutes of fame on TV?. Recently  a ‘not so popular’ Godman was arrested for fraud and rape in Kerala. This made another guy in the same profession working on God domain sad as he was not getting his share of airtime. So he went on […]

My IPL love

(Drafted this on my way to KTM, didn’t get a chance to post it. Here I go).   I am writing a lot about the IPL these days. Not because I am following each and every game (but am loving the hype behind it) but because it’s everywhere. I tune into the news channel and […]

Some News 26-Apr

I am off for a week to the land of letters, latex and lakes AKA Kottayam. Before that let me leave you guys with some interesting news..   A recent study has reveled that how much a mother eats at the time of conception may influence whether she gives birth to a boy or a […]