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Ban Them From Politics.

  It’s sad, it was massive. But then we will fight back !   Its even more heart breaking when the politicians play the blame game to the ‘resign’ game. Now what?   I am surprised that they sit in their cozy air conditioned rooms till there is a real crisis and then leave office […]

Please Strip OFF You Political Wardrobe

  The bombs went off, people died, many were wounded. Many lives were torn. People panicked. People still live in these cities with fear. When I drive through Madiwala, and Residency road, I think about the people who were affected on Friday. When I take the newspaper I see dead bodies. When our vehicles are […]

80 Shut Downs in 18 Months

Cross posted at mutiny. 80 shutdowns in 18 months, on an average 4 every month. This figure is haunting as this is after the courts have banned bandh and ‘forceful hartals’. While the political parties have given assurances that the hartals will be peaceful and there wouldn’t be any ‘forceful’ closure of shops or disruptions […]