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How to drive right !

In India ‘left’ is right, although 95% of the drivers on road fail to realize that. I have written about traffic earlier on how lucky I am to reach office well dressed and alive ! I was reading through some old threads on http://www.team-bhp.com when I saw this “If the left indicator blinks, it means you […]

Road Humps/Speed Bumps.

Okay, it may seem like a usual thing that you ‘bump’ into when you travel on road. But too many is too much ! The road (15 km route) that I take everyday in Bangalore to and from office has around 50-60 humps. I am thrown around 50*2=100 times every single day. Searching for humps on […]

Bangalore Survival Kit

Got this as a forward. (You might have already seen this 🙂 but its worth a laugh)