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The great Indian Adjustment.

I was traveling by train the other day on the Lalbagh Express (Chennai – Bangalore) . I managed to get a confirmed ticket on Second Sitting, which is the second class sitting compartment – reserved. The train starts at 1530 hrs and it was not crowded at all. But when the clock struck 1525, there […]

Weekend Escapade Part II

The Plantation.     The coffee plantations in Coorg mesmerize you with its aroma and splendid beauty. Being from Kerala and have stayed in the middle of a coffee plantation (in Peermade Idukku Distric, near Thekkady) for years, this experience was not new. But this brought back memories of the beautiful past. We opted for […]

Weekend Escapade Part I

The Tibetan Colony The trip to Coorg was rewarding, the climate, the people, the endless plantations and insects that crawled all over my body made me much closer to nature than never before. It gave some sort of a revelation that we are just aliens invading their space. One of our stops was at the […]