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So it was another training that the company asked me to attend. This one was called ‘Team building’ and I was sent off in a bus with 22 other strangers to a Place called Doddaballapur which is around 70 kms from Bangalore city. My first thought was ‘Team building’ with 22 strangers? all from different teams?.

Pegasus Leaning Institute. You can read about them here.

Now coming back to  the topic ‘People’. Why people? they are the most important aspect of a team, a company or anything for that matter. People can be employees, customers anyone !

Now, what did the training teach me?

1. All managers are not leaders. :- I found that most real life managers were not instant leaders in many of the activities we did at the training. Either they were laid back or were not comfortable with the situation. This point here is that people behave differently (or their true nature comes out) when put in an uncomfortable situation. If they are natural leaders it comes out even if they don’t play that role in real life.

2. Follow the lead or lead your followers :- In any situation we have two options, either you would just follow someone else’s lead or your instincts kick in and you lead the rest of the pack.

3. Accepting the leader :- Majority of the people around are not leaders, we tend to accept a person and follow his/her lead when we are either lost or is confident that the leader would guide the way.

With the gyan done, let’s go into sights and sounds of Bangalore these days or Bengaluru, Bengaloroo, Bangaloru whatever. It’s strange that the State government changed the name, but did not specify on the spelling. Strange indeed. Even government departments haven’t got the spell check done.

It’s a saree, no its  an Anarkali controversy. What? sorry for my ignorance in Indian fashion, what’s an Anarkali?

I was doing this management talk on facebook and thought I should share it on my blog as well.

Management talk (Ready Reckoner)

Don’t say ‘I was able to get new projects’ . Say ‘I gained traction in the new engagement’

Don’t say ‘Team completed the work. Say ‘The team rallied around the goals’

Don’t say ‘Team did a good job’. Say ‘The team maintained the momentum’

Don’t say “You DO IT” Say “Take ownership and drive things”

Don’t say “I DON’T know” Say “Interesting ! I haven’t explored it yet.”

Don’t say “I am lost I have no clue what to do” Say “I am facing roadblocks”

Don’t say ‘You should talk to XYZ’ say ‘You should connect with XYZ’

Don’t say ‘I am would be on leave’ say ‘I would be on FTO – Flexible Time OFF’

Don’t say ‘I mess up things around here say ‘I manage things’ 🙂

Don’t say this is not my job, say its not part of the charter.

Keep saying ‘Hard work is a reward in itself’ every time you give away an award with no monetary benefit. 🙂



  1. anarkali is a type of salwar suit which is so very different from sari 🙂 my husband also keeps going on these team building activities 🙂

    1. I googled it :). Yea, companies tend to have a lot of budget for trainings.

  2. I heard many interesting stories about the Pegasus experience from different groups already…hehe.

    And i totally agree with you on that whole Anarkali issue…international furore indeed. Baaah!! i’d rather ask “Who is Anarkali?” 😀

    “Don’t say “You DO IT” Say “Take ownership and drive things”” — I’m tired of this one, especially…sooooo tired 😀

    1. haha 🙂

    2. Don’t say ‘you do it’
      Say’ take ownershipu and drive things’ in ur way not according to manager or company, then i can terminate u in easy way.Ha…ha….haaaa?Take ownership like mere maathe ka bojh tumpar .

  3. I believe that apart from all these, the manager should reflect some amount of honesty and integrity. A team easily see through a manager who tries to achieve goals even though the project is mismanaged. It is a downslide from there.
    Sometimes a manager finds it very difficult to take help of his team members to undestand things. He forgets that the ultimate role for the team is to finish the project.

    1. Yes, honesty and integrity is very important. Guess most of the managers once they reach that position does not realize the responsibility but try to make sure that they over-control everyone.

  4. Loved you ready reckoner 😀

    1. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Pegasus Leaning Institute. You can read about them ???

    They train to lean?

    management talk was gud one, should implement it especially

    I haven’t explored it 😛

  6. --- :) ---- · · Reply

    //Don’t say this is not my job, say its not part of the charter.// ROFL.. This is what I get when from most of the people when I ask them to stretch a bit to complete something..

    Hardwork is a reward in itself– It cracked me up :).. Great one..

  7. First time here. Came here from IHM’s blog.
    The management jargon is a scream 😀

    1. Thanks Ashwathy:) welcome!!

  8. ugh.. when justices are embroiled in dirty politics, bye bye democracyud83dude26 Sabi nga nila, kahit mabulok ang legislative and executive offices ng Click

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