Racism On and Off field.


On the field we saw racism with the ‘monkey calls’. ‘Off the field’ this is the first one.

The Cheerleaders won’t forget their trip to India, at least for sometime. First they were on the news because they were against the culture of the nation(that’s true, we never had cheerleader before to cheer our ‘Man on elephant race’ or ‘Spot the tiger and kill-hunting’ game). Then they were thrown around for dressing in skimpy clothes. We dressed them up. Now they are asked to sit out if their skin is black.


Two black cheerleaders were asked to sit out during a match recently.


The Cheerleaders are thinking about wearing headgear and dressing up without showing skin so that they wont be blamed for any of the three issues. Or better, to pack up and leave.


  1. I was shocked to read this. What a shame!

  2. Nita,
    Its outrageous. terrible.

  3. India is father of discrimi’nation:race,caste,color,creed,religion,region etc.

  4. Anshul,
    very true.
    we say we dont practise it, yet we have that on the roots, nerves, tears, news, everywhere !

  5. But why o why??
    Whats the reason? Sorry I couldn’t open the link…

  6. Amit,
    The reason wud be simple, coz their skin is black and some perverts here in India wants some white skin.
    try this , link

  7. I think Indians know that “Ones you go black, you can never come back”. So, they don’t want to go black.


  8. I was looking evhryweere and this popped up like nothing!

  9. Because “political” means part of human political thinking, i.e. gaining, defending, balancing, of power (to do good). If the election is guided by the Holy Ghost, there is God’s provision (strategy), but no space for human political thinking. One precludes the other.

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