What do we call this again?

I have written about a similar topic “What do we call this” sometime back.

Yet this is quite different from my earlier post.

I was at the airport the other day to see off my wife. (yay…..:)) .

She was all tired and wanted to sit down, and we approached a near by bench. Apparently the bench was occupied with BAGS. I asked the person standing next to it, if it was his bag. He said ‘aha’ and looked the other way.

I asked him “Could you please move your bags so that we can sit down?”

He nodded hesitantly and moved the bag a little. 

I asked my wife to sit down.

I mean what are these benches and chairs for??? to keep our baggage?

Its funny because, we put our bags on the road, trolley it all over, but yet when we see a place which is meant for people to sit, we keep our luggage instead.

How much can it hurt if you have to move your luggage for another person to sit?

I guess it’s the story everywhere, railway stations, airports, bus stations or even at the doctor’s clinic. 



  1. Not sure if this once instance can be generalized. Usually, I have found that in India people would remove their luggage if they find another person coming.

    My experiences at some airports outside the country haven’t been so nice, though, and people mostly ignore you.

    Does your wife read your blog and see you celebrating when she goes? 😉

  2. I know this cud be an isolated incident. I agree with you.
    But it happened to me twice the same day at the airport (although I mentioned only one incident).
    This provoked me to write this post.

    nah my wife doesnt read my blog. 🙂

  3. Typical Indian mentality.. if u ask y their bag is ‘sitting’ on the bench they would say that they didn’t want to make it dirty! LOL that too after dragging it around on its wheels!

  4. Xylene,

    Even I’ve seen this in India very often. And it happened to me too in one of my recent trips to the country. I was in Delhi, same thing; Bombay, same thing; Calcutta, Same thing!! Indians are one of the rudest people in the entire world, believe me. How many times have you seen people smiling or greeting each other for no reason? Never! If you do it, then the other person will think that you’re mad 😉

    In fact, abroad (at least in the US), most of the times, there is enough space…so nobody needs to remove his/her bag. Even if they have to, then they’re very good about it and you don’t need to spell it out.

  5. I am not surprised by this experience. I find that people are not well versed in etiquette here. they are not bad people, just that they have this first come first served mentality.

  6. Ruhi

    I know this wud have happened to everyone of us atleast once. Its more rude when ppl don’t move their bags for ladies (offering their seats? never, but atleast they can move the bags).
    and Yes dont smile and walk around in India !!! 🙂

  7. @Nita,

    yeah. I agree. The attitude is more like “I came here first” than “let me offer this seat for you”.

  8. hridayramshenoy · · Reply

    Hi Xylene-

    Thanks for your comment. Went thru ur blog – nice crap 😉

  9. India is a free country… anybody can do anything with little or no moral obligation. :))

  10. Hey, this never happened to me at least. My luggage sits happily on the ground and I sit on it lol. Desi benches, works good enough on almost all occasions.

  11. hridayram shenoy ,

    Thanx and welcome.


    Lol. thats true.

    Thats quite an alternative.

  12. Exactly the same thing I observed in Delhi last week… theres this guy sitting in front of me and he has a bag on the seat next to him for a “friend” … he keeps saying that his “friend’s coming” to everyone who shows up… his friend does show up an hour later only for them to pick up their bags and leave… the a****le…

  13. @vijay
    I know its frustrating.. I guess it high time ppl treat others better than their own luggages !

  14. cant agree with you more..
    but thats the way indian runs..everything upside down 😛

  15. Heard of the quote which goes something like “things should be used and people loved… but these days people are used and things loved”

    Sad state of affairs!!

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