A day’s ride on the City Bus.

Travelling by bus is a great feeling, it gives me time to think and gives you a peaceful travel to work without having to pay attention to the crazy drivers and notorious traffic. This also reminds me of the days I used to go to School taking the bus. It was an hour long ride. I used to spend that time observing things around me. That’s what I do all the time.

The conductor who always shout ‘ticket ticket’ and scribble the change on back of the ticket.  He seldom offer you the change, unless you pester him every other minute.

A daily wage worker with his tools including a spade, boards. He places the tools under the seats. Takes out his cellphone and checks something.

The young lad with earphone squeezed into his ear blasting ‘94.3 Radio One’ on his cell phone. Everyone including the pedestrians on the road can hear the music.

The IT guy armed with his tool (read laptop) board the bus. The white earphones clearly says that he has an ipod. He nods his head at each beat.

The 60+ year old shows his id card to prove that he is a senior citizen. Quietly sits at an empty seat and pays the fare. He open the day’s edition of Times of India and starts reading.

Three college goers board the bus, laughter. Discussions in Kannada, english..laughter again.

A man in his late 20’s board the bus. He is wearing  a tie and neatly pressed clothes. Might be a salesman. Asks the conductor for a day pass.

“Change illa ” says conductor seeing the 100 Rs note that he extended. “iradu rupaiya kodey”. The salesman checks his shirt pocket for change.

The 40 year something old lady boards. She opens her purse, takes out a bunch of cash. She counts through the five hundreds, hundreds, fifties and finally hands a ten Rupee note to the conductor. “Majestic” She said.

She kept the rest of  the money ‘safe’ in her purse.

A shabbily dressed man walks in. He looks drunk. His breath angers the conductor. “At this time of the day?” The conductor might be thinking.

A young mother along with her kid board the bus, she scans the bus for a seat, finally found one at the centre. Made her talkative kid comfortable. Answered the kid’s curious questions every 5 mins.

A young female talking on her phone. She got down from the bus, crossed the street and boarded an auto. She talked on her cell all the way.

And then there is a silent guy sitting at the back, looking all around. That would be me.

I guess you would have seen one of these characters on any city bus.


  1. is it 21H route?
    (just a blind guess) 😛

    P.S. u r one observational-perfectionist .

    1. haha. Thanks.

  2. All covered, I guess 😀

    Each n every figure of the travelling Indian middle class perfectly captured. Appreciate the observation skills, sitting silently at the back.. Well done 🙂

    1. Not always on the back. 🙂 Thanks.

  3. Its been years since I travelled in a city bus 🙂

    1. Park your scooter at the busstop and take the bus. 🙂

  4. deepankar · · Reply

    nice write up!!!

  5. I don’t travel by the bus..to crowded for me..

    1. oh. Its not always crowded. And yes, that would be one thing you can’t avoid if you take public transportation.

  6. well written….

    all over india, the scenes resembles.

    i have seen many of the characters and being one among it too 😀

    1. haha. There are hundred more characters. These were a few I could think of 🙂

  7. I like the height of a city bus… almost like sitting on a throne! heee…heee…

    i too love observing people on the bus though i would not be able to describe it so well as you did! 🙂 🙂

    1. Yes, 😀 The volvo city bus is the best to feel like King on the road !

  8. I too enjoy bus rides and know exactly what you mean! Somehow one finds it easier to observe a myriad people in a bus, rather than say on a local train. In the latter I find people are always rushing. Observing people is one of my favourite pasttimes!

    1. Yeah I know, you have mentioned that somewhere. May be you could do a post on interesting people you have met. I would love to read it. 🙂

  9. I love ur blogs.. truely entertaining.. easy to relate to.. funny.. Its been a while since I got into a Bangalore bus.. But ur post gives me a dejavu..

  10. Yup I can relate a lot to this. The bus ride did give me ample time to ponder over ideas and thoughts which would otherwise leak out of my mind. 🙂

    1. Yes, gives you an idea for a blog post as well.

  11. Cheers! Observing people is my fascination too. And who knows, the person you observed on the bus today might be reading your blog right now! 🙂

    1. For sure 😀

  12. A teenage girl with a big bag on her shoulder, carrying a huge chemistry book in her hand, finds a place near the window and gets involved in stereo chemistry and occasionally looks outside the window observing the life of the city.
    That would be me =P

    Volvo For The Win!! Nice write up.

    1. Nice. Do you always carry that chemistry book ? 😛

  13. I have spent a lot of time in buses during college days. Thankfully i no longer have to travel by one.

    Even if i did, there wouldn’t be much room for observation with shoulders and elbows in the way; Delhi buses are famous for being super overcrowded!

    Nice writeup!

    1. This would be during 10-11 in the morning. Early morning are super crowded as well.

  14. mandayamr · · Reply

    Great quality of observation, and recording it. You are certainly good at Individualisation. Now, you don’t wan’t to see me in the bus for sure! 🙂

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