I came across this awesome site Animoto where you can create super cool videos.

Its free to create 30Sec videos, but you got to pay to create full length ones. You can however upload your 30sec free videos to you-tube. Try it out ! Its simple and super cool.
Check out the video I created out of my Coorg trip. (turn on your speakers).

Go ahead create your own super cool videos.




  1. Wow, I like! It’s very cool and the song totally lifts it up. Brilliant!

  2. This is a cool site, man! Thanks! πŸ™‚
    I’ll try something soon!

  3. I created a three minute video and gifted it to my friends. They are so damn happy. Thankyou so much for this site. πŸ˜€

  4. All,

    Thanks glad that u guys liked it.

  5. @Amit, u paid for it? How did u make a 3 min one?

  6. Yup, I paid for it. It was great. Worth the amount. :mrgreen:

  7. Interestingly after using Animoto, I found a default movie maker in my laptop (not the windows one). It comes with every HP laptop. Its not free, but have more options and the movies look just like Animoto. πŸ™‚
    we can even create movies with the old film look or ones like a rock music video.


  8. one can do this in nero too…i think.

  9. @Chucks.
    Thanks and welcome to the blog
    Anshul, cool.

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