Band BroadBand.


Back home in Kerala my Dad has applied for Broadband from BSNL, unfortunately its not yet activated and the request is still pending with the telephone exchange .They have given explanations like ‘there should be at least 30 applications’ ‘infrastructure is not ready’ etc etc.

The BSNL telephone exchanges are technologically advanced ones, the people sitting there are still in the past (especially the ones in villages) they fail to notice the changes happening around them.

The delay was making my Dad angry, if you would have read this post, you would know why he hates inefficient people.



Scene Village Telephone Exchange

Dad hands over 35 applications to an employee.


Employee #1 : What is this?

Dad : These are 35 applications for broadband


Employee #1 : WHAT?

Dad : Yes. With signatures. We need broadband in our area.


Employee #1 : See…..well…..I…… How do I know whether you signed all this yourself?

Knowing that he just want to delay things Dad replied

Sue ME.


Employee #2 : Hey what’s going on? (Seems like this guy is the Chief (Read Cheap) Engineer.

Dad : I have submitted 35 applications of people who require broadband connection. Its in the papers recently that you are required to provide broadband within 1-2 months of application.


Employee #2 trying to act smart asked.

Employee #2 : Okay.. So which type of modem do you want?

His intention was to ask technical questions which my Dad obviously wouldn’t know and will retreat from making problems and asking questions.


“Which all modems do you sell?” came the prompt reply.

“Well. Eh…we have errr..” Employee #2 was a little stunned by this sudden answer.

Well let me know which all do you have and then I will let you know which I want. Thanks.” Said Dad and walked out.


We have not received broadband connection at home till now. Categorized as a village, it would take at least another 4 months for them to process and get the infrastructure ready.

The communication revolution? Yes the applications are still revolving around.


In case if you wondering if the 35 applications are authentic, yes they are.


  1. Yea, the infrastructure condition is still very sad in most places. The people just refuse to get their asses to work. The most difficult part is convincing them to start. The only thing that motivates/forces them into being efficient are court cases and elections. Are elections anywhere close?

  2. I really wonder if sitting idle without doing any work even when there is plenty of it available is something people enjoy doing?? How can anyone be happy while he is leading such a meaningless life? Hope you get the broadband soon. 🙂

  3. I did my college in a semi-rural area of Kerala. And we took the Reliance broadband connection. I dunno if it is still there. It was a tad bit expensive, but there were about 4 of us splitting it, so it wasn’t all that bad. They provide a decent service.

    Also, why not try the USB modem thing? You have to find out if the mobile tower in the area will support it or not.

  4. @ish, amit
    Yea they are one useless bunch of semi-working employees sitting under a slow fan and chilling out with a magazine.
    I am using hathway in bangalore, its good for now. I hope it continues this way.
    have no airtel service around here 😦
    USB modem thing is as slow as a dial up, thats what users are telling me. moreover its not stable as the cable thing.

  5. One thing that works in India is pulling strings! So if you know some politician or there is some politician from the place, give him a call! 🙂 Then you see how fast everything moves!

  6. damn interesting
    ive written about this issue especially about the pathetic organisation of psu units.These r the only firms that shun business instead of inviting it , no wonder this is the state of the national almost monopoly bsnl
    and nita is right that too in communist country

    if he talks about the modems there is the glb502t from dlink and a few others i can find out from lamington road..

    Mtnl had the best broadband in Mumbai, no wonder people booked broadband in droves what took 7 days to register took more like a fortnight and then almost a month in some cases…

    and now the situation is such that their 2mb line thats works as promised after 1 am at nite – the time when im posting – cant manage to handle connections during the day and even a mundane gmail takes minutes to load
    and mind u i live in South mumbai and share the same exchange that most people at hydrabad estate politicians and ias people in malabar hill do

    try this

  7. @Nita,
    Politician? well even if know one it would take atleast one day to make him understand what broadband is…. haha.
    thanks for the link…. is the broadband in the city that slow? hathway is treating me pretty well.
    I am not into hardcore download, just surfing, so a 512 (iget around 270) is not bad….

  8. from 11am to 3 pm it gets horrid sometimes which is peak hours

  9. I’m using Hathway here too! And I’m like one of the only few doing so. Most of them are on Airtel and Connect. But I like Hathway for it’s sheer convenience. Since they don’t have many customers, whenever the connection gets screwed, you have to make just one call and they fix it up in five minutes. Whereas in all the others, they keep saying that they’ll come but actually don’t.

  10. @prax, here its the other way round, during 11Pm to 6AM in the morning. thats when the free download hours are.
    cool. hathway is okay, for my usage. they fix issues here in 24 hours.

  11. As I see it…. its high time govt (re)introduce VRS in BSNL to get rid of all those stuck in Nehru era.. Their attitude seriously sucks and even when new guys (youngsters) come in.. the lax attitude of oldies rubs on to them.. eventually they too grow into pot bellied lazy old fools who call for peon even to scratch their bums!

  12. xy
    mtnl free hrs are 12 to 8am and you gotta reset the modem before 8- and i make good use my day night ratio is rather skewed to 1:20 so no regrets but hey
    it is so irritating when even the odd stock update or the gmail takes too much time to open during the day as the servers get totally clogged

  13. balu work culture in bsnl is top down
    until the minister doesnt give ascent the babu dont work and until he dont give ascent then next idiot doesnt
    even pv narsimha rao said taking no decision is also a big decision …

  14. @Balu, true.. should fire the inefficient lots. I mean there must be some truth in what he said like the infrastructure problem n all, but they dont have any interest in getting it resolved. thats real bad.
    I remember the time when I used Satyam Dial up at home, I am happy that its far far better than that now… 🙂
    well said about bsnl.

  15. I had some bad experience with BSNL too. Our line was dead and there wasn’t any fault in our phone or anything. And it took 4-5 days to just reach the person who can fix it. When I found him finally, it was a rainy day and he was trying to refuse to look into matter. So I got angry and shouted something like “Our phone is dead from a week and you are ****ing your *** off and telling me to wait until monday? Hell I need my internet and phone fixed right NOW”. The guy was like “Oh internet!!!!!”. I was amazed how pleased he was to find someone who uses their internet facility and fixed my line by climbing the pole in heavy rain in merely a hour. I invited him in for tea(as he was soaked and cold). He went back to office, confirmed the line working (which they never do even on request).

    Wow, now I am learning to bore people by writing LONG comments 😀

  16. @ Prax
    Ha ha so true!

    @ Xylene
    Lack of initiative.. jo hoga, tab hoga attitude?

  17. You are talking village…Here in Bangalore (Bsk 2nd Stage), they say it will take a minimum of 30 days… private operators are much better… its a pity because BSNL does have better infrastructure.. unfortunately the people are the same…no improvement there

  18. In which village do u live buddy? 🙂
    the only prob i face out of bsnl is that i crooss all the limits of using by the half of a month :D, n i need to pay a lot more
    btw, how didur dad managed to get 35 applicants

  19. @vijay,
    yea i have hathway here in blore. 🙂
    its in the outskirts. pretty difficult to get bsnl broadband. u mite be the lucky lot who got the connection.

    he managed to get around 40…

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